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'Anglo-Saxon' Strategy: Prevent Euro-Russian Entente at All Costs

'The nightmare of Americans is reflected in the vision of General Charles de Gaulle: Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals passing through the axis of Paris-Berlin-Moscow'

The core of the Anglo-Saxon global strategy is to prevent at all costs rapprochement between Russia and Europe as the entente between the two would render the US dominance on the European continent meaningless and imply the programmed death of NATO, according to French writer, journalist, and political commentator Alexandre Del Valle.


The Anglo-Saxon (English-speaking countries, UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland) are doing their utmost to prevent a rapprochement between the EU and Russia, Alexandre Del Valle said in an interview with the French news website Atlantico.

“For at least a century and a half, the whole Anglo-Saxon strategy (English and American) is to prevent the rapprochement of France, Germany and Russia. The nightmare of Americans is reflected in the vision of General Charles de Gaulle: Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals passing through the axis of Paris-Berlin-Moscow,” he said.


The Atlanticists (NATO supporters) and the US strategists are therefore worried that if the Europeans become reconciled with each other and if the Russians are part of a European defense, the US dominance on the European continent will have no purpose and would mean the programmed death of NATO.


Hence, the expert is convinced, there is constant demonization of Russia to “accentuate the gap between Europe and post-Soviet Russia” as the one and the only sense of existence of the Alliance is a “containment of Russia.”


On the other hand, he stresses, the Europeans should also be blamed for the current status quo. Nobody wants to invest what is necessary into a “real European defense" and there is no convergence of view of all the EU countries on Russia:

“The Greeks, Hungarians, Cypriots and Italians (and tomorrow the Serbs) are for example favorable of Moscow, while the Poles, Romanians, the Baltics and the British are outrageously anti-Russian and subject to the Atlantean-US interests,” Del Valle says.


The EU's political leadership has not only "no single phone number," as Kissinger once put it, but it is chaotic and fragmented, divided diplomatically and geopolitically, as well as economically and ideologically, not to mention its divergence in terms of national cultures and history.


Because of the lack of resources and unity of purpose, no one wants to build a true European defense system, which would require convergence, which is impossible at the moment.

Thus Europe plots to align with NATO and leave a cost-sharing solution to “the American protector” which is planning on spending 583 billion dollars on its “defense.”


“Europe is condemned to remain a "soft power," he therefore stresses. It is turning into a market of the “American empire.”

As Zbigniew Brzeziński somewhat cynically mentioned in his book “The Grand Chessboard”, Europe is doomed to be in possession of the American empire geostrategically, culturally, ideologically and behaviorally.

Del Valle however does not blame the Americans, who have real political, ideological and civilizational desires and a "will to power."

The Europeans meanwhile are unable to recover from the traumas of long-gone wars and submerged into the welfare of a social state, “falling out from history,” Del Valle states, quoting his late friend and mentor, French air force brigadier general and geopolitician Pierre Marie Gallois.



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