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Is America's Best Reporter Being Run off East?

The way things are going soon Seymour Hersh will only be able to publish from China...or Russia

This is where we are at lads. Seymour Hersh—the guy who broke My Lai, Noriega drug trade, and Abu Graib torture and many, many other scandals—can no longer be published in the US. But we knew that. His second-to-last historic bombshell—the expose on the 2013 sarin false-flag attack in Syria—was published only in the London Review of Books.

But now he can't publish there either. Regarding his latest bombshell on Trump's handling of the 2017 false-flag sarin, Hersh has said himself he had "a hell of a time getting it published"

The London Review of books actually paid for his research but then wouldn't run the findings. He had to go all the way to Germany to find a mainstream outlet that would run his piece.

He is America's best, and certainly most historic reporter, and he can't get a single piece out in the media that will give pro-regime clowns like Thomas Friedman a weekly column.

Actually this is not that new for Hersh. By the time he broke My Lai, the massacre was already one year old—the reason it was still news by the time Hersh had learned of it was because numerous reporters learned of it before him, but declined to write it up.

But at least in those days he was able to get the story out with some courage and perseverance in the US. These days he is a persona non grata in the American mainstream, the British mainstream and has to publish in Hamburg-based Welt am Sonntag. The way he's being continuously run east he'll soon only be publishable in China...or Russia.

See a pattern? Where is this headed?


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