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An American for Prime Minister: Ukraine's Poroshenko Makes Victoria Nuland an Offer She Can't Refuse

Americans helped block the sacking of Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. Will they change their minds if Poroshenko offers them the Illinois-born Jaresko?

Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is taking the brunt of the anger of the populace for the horrible situation the country finds itself two years after the Maidan semi-revolution (a revolution of one half of the country). That means it's time for his partners, such as president Poroshenko to make him the scapegoat and cut him off  however, the last time they attempted to do so Americans stood by "their guy Yats" and thwarted the effort. 

But Poroshenko is nothing if not persistent. And now he also seems to have found a way to get Americans on board. It's simple, brilliant and beyond embarrassing. He's offering them the only candidate who they have to be even more partial to than their favored son Yats  it's the finance minister Natalie Jaresko, the Illinois-born veteran of the State Department which since 2014 is a freshly baked citizen of the Republic of Ukraine. Report:

Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko is in talks with President Petro Poroshenko on possibly taking over the job of prime minister from Arseniy Yatsenyuk, according to reports over the weekend.

Concrete talks are underway between the president and Jaresko, reported Ukrainska Pravda, citing unidentified officials in the presidential administration on March 4, adding that the US-born technocratic finance minister has drawn up a list of demands she wants fulfilled before accepting the post.

It does seem unlikely that Victoria Nuland which is subordinate within the State Department only to John Kerry could say no to a candidate formed in her own bureaucracy.

Official Ukraine meanwhile has just found another way to demonstrate its inferiority complex towards the West. – The most undistinguished US bureaucrat and banker is still good enough for Ukraine Prime Minister – by the virtue of not really being Ukrainian but rather American.

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