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The American Empire Is in Decline - Like All Others Before

May it bow out in grace.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a UK citizen, an English and social science teacher living in SE Asia. Не currently works in PR China.

Every empire engages in subjugation and expansion, eventually producing the decline of the American Empire today, this is the nature of empires in decline. The Roman Emperors who threw bread to the destitute masses repeats itself in America today. Forty-six million rely on food stamps and six corporations provide 90% of news to a clueless and gullible public, with a 14% illiteracy rate. The social decay inherent in the decline of the American Empire serves as a reminder of that produced elsewhere.

For half a century, a belligerent and paranoid America ran headlong through the world, causing untold misery and death to millions. From subversion to regime change and from Arab springs to invasion, the onslaught failed to initiate peace anywhere America involved itself. Notwithstanding the recent political Nobel Peace Prize to Obama, the U.N. and European Union leaders, the world moves ever closer to anarchy.

The American Empire invaded, occupied or bombed 14 countries in less than 30 years – timeline

The real reason for singling out these countries is the petrodollar system, a scheme that enables America to stay afloat despite being more than $17 trillion in debt. The existence of petrodollars is one of the pillars of America’s economic might, because it creates a significant external demand for the American dollar, allowing the United States to amass enormous debts without defaulting.

However, this is not to say America hasn’t been a much-needed interventionist power on occasions and a steadfast provider of humanitarian aid. Yet consequently, if survival depends on military aggression and Homeland Security protection against its foreign policy, now is the time to bow out gracefully.

American Post-War Dominance

Following the Second World War, America became the dominant economic and military might in a devastated world. As the British Empire faded, into the vacuum arose a new empire. Armed with nuclear supremacy, America began to exert its agenda of global influence.

American CIA global destabilisation - timeline

This influence confined itself to a peacekeeping role with bases in Europe and Asia. However, American influence and power spread and its self-appointed policing role took on aspects of interference. This interference became obvious in the 60s and 70s, when American business interests became threatened.

The CIA in South America - timeline

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, America found itself without opposition and began destabilising the oil-rich countries of the Middle East. The destabilisation techniques opened a Pandora’s Box of nightmare sectarian violence, which continues to this day. Consequently, China and Russia realised if they were not to become economic and ideology satellites of America, they needed to upgrade their military. By 2014, the new powers of Russia and China began to emerge. For the first time, President Putin drew ‘red lines’ in the Ukraine, which contain the gas and oil pipes supplying Europe.

The Ukraine – Putin Draws Red Lines


Catherine Ashton, European Union foreign affairs Chief. Shaking hands with democratically elected Yanukovych, while plotting a coup d'état to replace him with the pro-western choice, Turchinov.

In 2013, President Yanukovych rejected a European Union offer that imposed an austerity regime on Ukraine as the price for admission into the European economic sphere. Consequently, Yanukovych accepted a $15 billion loan from Russia and an economic plan that did not require austerity measures, but included a discount for Russian natural gas. The pro-Western protest movement began in 2013, orchestrated by the European Union and American government officials. The western media portrayed the protesters as 'freedom fighters' and 'pro-democracy forces.' Those opposing the coup d'état became 'terrorists' and 'insurgents.'

For the first time, Western governments openly colluded to overthrow a democratically elected leader, with no pretence at disguise, or cover up. The European Union occupation of Ukraine would leave NATO 400 km from Moscow and moreover, include the loss of the Sebastopol Black Sea naval base.

Nevertheless, the hypocrisy of bringing democracy and arrogance didn’t go unnoticed as Western Government Ministers interfered to overthrow a democratically elected president.

The Road to War


The increasing number of military bases surrounding China, Russia and Iran. Western mass media propaganda claim China is expansionist and Russia is a threat to world peace. The excuse is that China might close international shipping lanes in the South China Islands sea dispute. Russia might invade Europe and Iran might develop a nuclear weapon. Accordingly, the excuses become predictions, and the predictions replace facts, but ignore reality.image


Just as the British Empire and Soviet Union collapsed, conversely, America is also now in a position where it can no longer police the world without consensus. Consequently, it must soon decide whether it goes to war, or accepts a significant decline in its self-appointed role and adopts power-sharing.

With a collapsing economy, leaving millions destitute and internal social anarchy, all America has left are the remnants of the petrodollar and significant technical armed superiority. The chances are unlikely that either Russia or China will bow to military aggression. Therefore, the alternative to armed conflict requires America swallowing its pride and introducing a settlement partnership alliance with Russia and China.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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