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Amazing New Features from Russian Search Giant Yandex While Google Censors Dissent

Yandex now features Artificial Intelligence in its searches - something Google doesn't have yet.

Yandex is far superior to Google for Russian searches, and is destroying Google in the Russian market.  

Google just can't compete with Russia's homegrown search engine in Russia.

You may think it obvious that a national search engine would take priority in it's own country, but this is not so in most of the world.

In Germany and the UK, countries the west is always touting as being superior and more advanced to Russia, their internet users are effectively slaves to an American company, Google, with no national search engine.

This excellent segment from Russia's main evening news show describes new Artificial Intelligence features just rolled out by Yandex.


Russia however, is totally self sufficient, her search engine Yandex is far more advanced, and optimized for use in the country and neighboring countries.

Anyone who talks about Russia being only a giant gas station, with no technological achievements (somehow forgetting she put the first man in space), is clearly ignorant of the fact that Russians have largely created their own substitutes for western IT products.

Russia has her own version of Facebook, VK, which like Yandex is far more popular in the Russian, Ukraine, and much of the post-soviet market. This is because Russians are not globalists, whilst they seek international friendship, Russian people always prefer to create independent homegrown things, rather than being a subject to a global hegemony.

Whereas Google holds a hegemony over the internet in most places, when given the choice, Russians choose Yandex.

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