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Alex Jones Shows Top Russian Politician Calling Hillary a Witch and a Snake (Video)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Over the weekend, Alex Jones picked up the video we ran on Friday showing Vladimir Zhirinovsky raking Hillary over the coals, saying she is unfit for office, and that she has some kind of serious medical problem, that the pneumonia story is ridiculous.

Zhirinovsky's party achieved record results in yesterday's parliamentary elections, approaching 14% of the vote.  The final tally will be known on Friday.

<figcaption>A lot of Russians and Americans agree on this one (click to enlarge)</figcaption>
A lot of Russians and Americans agree on this one (click to enlarge)

His separate segment with the video picked up 110,000 views on Youtube over the weekend, and it was featured in the first half hour of his full show, which got 145,000 views on Youtube, plus it was on his radio show and podcasts.  The video picked up 20,000 views on Russia Insider's Youtube channel, plus 8,000 on our Facebook page, so it got wide exposure.



Jones rails against what he believes is a phony US allegation that the Russians might hack the US elections, arguing that this is just an excuse being invented by US security state to let the NSA tamper with the US elections.

He shows the 6 minute clip in its entirety, explaining it, analyzing it, and discussing Russia in detail.  He believes Putin's Russia is fighting on the same side as he is - against the globalists, who he says run the US establishment, media, and government, and that is why they are so hostile to Russia.  You can see our analysis of Zhirinovsky's statements here.

He begins discussing the clip at the 1.43 minute mark, but the whole segment is very good.  

Jones understands Russia better than most.

Below is our video, which is captioned, so you can hear what Zhirinovsky is saying in Russian.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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