Alex Jones Lays Out WWIII Scenario, RAILS at Lunatic US Congress (Video)

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The last few days have seen the United States and Russia move closer and closer to outright conflict. 

Washington's insane neo-con establishment and its stooges in congress and the administration are frantic at the prospect of seeing the destruction of their radical Islamic terrorist allies in Aleppo. As they recklessly threaten to attack Russia and its ally Syria, few in the US mainstream media are raising alarm bells; rather, they are helping the warmongers push their insane propaganda.

Alternative shock jock Alex Jones is one of the few desperately trying to wake up America to what is going on. In this clip he describes a very realistic scenario for how Washington's reckless bellicosity could easily spiral out of control - something US leaders calling for greater intervention on behalf of their pet medieval cutthroats getting pounded into oblivion by Putin and Assad seem totally oblivious to. 

(Note: Jones' remark "islands don't float" is a reference to Rep. Hank Johnson's serious question in 2010 whether putting additonal marines on Guam might sink the island - indicative of the intellectual level of many in congress.)

Can it really have come to this? Do those in charge of the United States, wicked as they are, not realize they are flirting dangerously with their own destruction, or are these drones so incompetent they cannot, as Jones said, even think past the level of checkers?

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