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Alex Jones Freaks Out: WAKE UP! LISTEN to Putin! - Media is LYING About WAR with Russia! (Video)

He breaks down how the media is completely ignoring Putin's increasingly urgent pleas to step back from the brink of war.  

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Citing our article from Wednesday, which has gone viral, describing Putin's very obvious alarm at what he is convinced are hostile moves by NATO to attack Russia, namely the missile defense shield now being made operational in Europe, Alex Jones made two passionate appeals to his audience to wake up and realize the danger we are in.

The first appeal was on his regular show, the second on one of his trademark personal rants which often go viral on Facebook.  Jones is furious that the media is essentially ignoring Putin's increasingly urgent pleas to stop the aggression against Russia.

<figcaption>"I'm just trying to get a population and a culture out of a coma, to wake up, to stand up..."</figcaption>
"I'm just trying to get a population and a culture out of a coma, to wake up, to stand up..."

Jones is one of the most influential media personalities in the US.   His audience is bigger than MSNBC, about 3 million people per week tune in, and that number is growing geometrically.  He has thrown his weight behind Trump's campaign, urging people any way he can that Trump is the best candidate, and that Hillary would be a disaster, probably meaning war with Russia.

He frequently discusses the Russia situation on his show and he is completely on the money on this subject, bringing on excellent guests like Robert Parry and Wayne Madsen to explain how insane America's neocon aggression against Russia is.

We have included a transcript of the first part of the first video below (a little garbled because they are generated by Youtube's auto-caption function), but you'll get the idea.

The second video is very emotional, with Jones practically begging people to wake up and realize that the media and the global elites are pushing the West into a war with Russia, and that the situation is critically dangerous.  It is very moving.  (We totally agree with Jone's take on this).

In the first video he shows screen shots of our Wednesday article at the beginning and end, and provides a link in the video description.

The video has gotten 96,000 views in less than a day

First video:

Second video:

Transcript of first part of first video (somewhat garbled because it comes via Youtube's auto-captions):

The big news is a month later almost a month later after we first reported on in mid-june there has been almost no Western coverage of it at all and that's exactly what Putin was getting at. Whether you love putin or hate putin, if the leader of Russia with thousands of intercontinental ballistic missiles and cruise missiles is telling the West:

“I don't know how to get through to you your media is controlled, you're being manipulated NATO is putting missiles on our borders or having to move missiles in, you have overthrown Ukraine you're on an offensive, your funding and protecting radical Islam, do you know what you've done, do you know what you've done, as he said at the UN, destabilizing the Middle East, why are you doing this?”

Where are the sound minds, across the political spectrum who should be stopping this?  Russia has three overseas military bases, you have hundreds, you have your spies inside our country trying to overthrow it, you have your CIA people trying to get in our embassies you are at war with us, and the average American the average European the average bread is not aware of this.


A major world leader saying that we're moving to the brink of war and it's not in our news that's the big story.  Deutsche Bank one the biggest banks in the world is plunging right now, much bigger than lehman brothers if it continues it will make 2008 look tame in comparison.


Elites are building armored fortresses and results all over the world admitting they believe collapse is comming governments are digging in, Russia is digging in our supposed government is collapsing our borders and, bringing people in with diseases and ignoring the Supreme Court rulings it …

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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