Alex Jones Devotes A Full Hour To Russia and How Crazy US Neocon Policy Is (Video)

"The same crap they're (the globalists) are doing to Russia, they are doing to us.  Do you get that?"  

"I hope you like thermo-nuclear war, dumbasses!"

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He'r really steamed about what the neocons are doing, and that Hillary is with them 100%

Russia is one of Jones's favorite topics, but this is the first time we have seen him devote an entire broadcast hour to it. 

It's an excellent broadcast, taking a series of Putin video clips going back to 1999, where Putin explains why he is acting the way he does, and Jones points out that he is being absolutely reasonable, fair, and smart and even incredibly retrained considering the aggression being directed at Russia.

He really rags on Hillary for backing this neocon policy to the hilt.

The clips are dubbed into English by a Russian employee Jones has hired just for this purpose.  He has been going on about Russia for a long time, since at least early 2014.  He has a segment about Russia every other day or so.

Definitely worth watching and sharing with people who don't get what is really going on between the US and Russia.

Here is a video from 2014 where Jones explains how he got interested in the Russia story.



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