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After-Strike Photos of Syria Site the US Says It Targeted With 76 Cruise Missiles Show Only Little Damage

There's a big gaping hole in the Pentagon's account of the strikes

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I have my doubts about the Russian account of Trump’s strikes where the US foolishly spread out a hundred subsonic Tomahawks between a dozen targets, but the American story doesn’t make much more sense either.

<figcaption>Supposedly 76 Tomahawks with a 450kg explosive warhead each were sent against just three buildings??</figcaption>
Supposedly 76 Tomahawks with a 450kg explosive warhead each were sent against just three buildings??

This is the post-strike satellite image of the main target of the attack, the Barzah Research complex in Damascus:

Pentagon says the complex was targeted by 76 of the 105 cruise missiles they fired and none were intercepted by the enemy.

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This is how the complex looked before the strikes:

Does this look like a site that has been hit by seventy-six 450 kilogram warheads? That would be 34 tons of explosives in total.

The three main buildings, which weren’t particularly huge are leveled, that is it. The rest of the complex is undamaged.

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So what happened? Did the Syrians/Russians indeed successfuly jam/shoot down a bunch of the missiles? Did the Pentagon exaggerate the number of missiles it actually fired so Trump could say it was a larger attack? Or did the US really send seventy-six 2 million dollar missiles to destroy three abandoned buildings OPCW had last inspected in November, 2017, and not a single one of them strayed?

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