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After Brexit: Germany and France May Begin to Follow Their Pro-Russian Instincts

British EU exit strengthens the antI-Maidan opposition in the Ukraine

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It happened: the first country decided to exit from the EU. 52% British voted for Brexit, and 48% voted for Remain.

Here are a few major points: 

1. Scotland voted to remain in the EU, England voted against. The logic is the following: in terms of intolerance of foreigners, the migration wave hasn’t reached Scotland yet, so they don’t have a negative attitude about it. On the other hand, they love to spite the English, so the response was expected. There is expected to be a new referendum on independence.

2. The EU is now likely to become more pro-Russian, and definitely, pro-German. There were three powers in the EU before the referendum: Germany, Great Britain and France. The first has been looking toward Russia for a long time, as does the third. But Great Britain has always slowed the process, and its exit will lessen American influence in the European Union. This doesn’t mean that Merkel will go to Moscow tomorrow, but the space for maneuvers is expanding.
3. The vote is also a strike against Ukraine, more precisely, against its current course. It’s not evident yet, but the enemies of Maidan have gained new leverage, and they will use this event against Poroshenko and the pro-Maidan forces. “So, is the EU still the only right way?”

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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