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Adolf Hitler as Ukraine's National Idea

The opening of a new exhibition in the center of Kiev honors Ukrainian nationalists' 1941 declaration of alliance with Nazi Germany

On July 5 a premium congress hall in Kiev, Ukrainian House – Centre of National Idea, hosted a massive “installation”, dedicated to 75th anniversary of proclamation of the “Act of Restoration of the Ukrainian State”. The event,designed by the Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists, was attended by a number of politicians, autocephalous “Ukrainian church” clerics, media, Maidan activists and “war veterans”. The “installation” was titled “The will of Ukrainian people – against Hitler and Stalin” in full accord with the “politically correct” new European reading of the modern history. It was broadcast live in the Internet, but the video is currectly restricted for watching.

A brainwashed TV-viewer would of course be impressed or even moved to tears by revelations of an old Nazi collaborator about “sufferings of the Ukrainian people under despotic Stalin’s boot” and the overall performance. But those who are still in their right mind, would easily recall some contadicting historical facts.

The Act of Restoration of the Ukrainian State was adopted in Lvov (Lviv) on June 30, 1941, days after the city was occupied by the Nazi troops rapidly advancing into the Soviet territory in accordance with the Barbarossa operational plan.  It was announced by Yaroslav Stetsko, then a leader of the Ukrainian nationalists (OUN) on the payroll of Abwehr, and soon published by Nazi propaganda leaflets in occupied Ukraine:

The edition of “Independent Ukraine” newspaper with the text of the Act, dated July 10, 1941

The full text of the Act is as follows:

1. By the will of the Ukrainian people, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists under the direction of Stepan BANDERA proclaims the formation of the Ukrainian State for which have laid down their heads whole generations of the finest sons of Ukraine.

The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which under the direction of its founder and leader Yevhen KONOVALETS has undertaken in the past ten years a bloody battle with the Moscovite-Bolshevik enslavers in an energetic battle for freedom, calls all the Ukrainian people not to put down its weapons until all Ukrainian lands are united in a Sovereign Ukrainian Government.

The Sovereign Ukrainian Government will guarantee Ukrainian people order, multilateral development of all its energies and all its needs.

2. In the western lands of Ukraine a Ukrainian Government is formed, which is subordinate to the Ukrainian National Government that will be formed in the capital of Ukraine – KIEV.

3. The newly formed Ukrainian state will work closely with the National-Socialist Greater Germany, under the leadership of its Fuhrer Adolf HITLER which is establishing a new order in Europe and the world and is helping the Ukrainian People to free itself from Moscovite occupation.

The Ukrainian People’s Revolutionary Army which has been formed on the Ukrainian lands, will continue to fight with the ALLIED GERMAN ARMY against Moscovite occupation for a sovereign and united State and a new order in the whole world.

Long live the Ukrainian Sovereign United Ukraine! Long live the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists! Long live the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian people – STEPAN BANDERA!


“Long live Adolf Hitler!” – a banner welcoming visitors to a Ukrainian village during occupation.

The marriage of convenience between German Nazis and Ukrainian nationalists was contracted in September 1939, when the leader of the OUN Andriy Melnik visited Berlin and was promised the position of the chief of a new Ukrainian state in the South-East Poland. According to the archive ofAdmiral Canaris, head of German military intelligence service, right after the invasion in Poland Hitler tasked him to organize a Ukrainian uprising in Poland via his agents in the OUN. Hitler’s idea was to create a string of loyal quasi-states along the Soviet border, namely: “Ukraine” on the territory of Galicia and Volhynia, Polish protectorate and Lithuania. The Soviet archives evidence that Joseph Stalin was promptly informed about these plans and immediately sanctioned his Polish campaign to reinstall dominance over historical Russian lands, annexed by Poland after the WWI.

Late 1939 – early 1941 is the period of intensive training of the OUN underground in the Abwehr camps Zacopane, Krynitsy, Komanchi on the territory of occupied Poland and their subversive actions against the USSR. In February 1941 a head of OUN military wing Richard Yaryi was ordered by Abwehr to train 700 more nationalist fighters. At the same time Stepan Bandera discussed in Berlin with Canaris and von Brauchitsch the issue of establishing an allied to Wehrmacht Ukrainian army. The pioneer battalions, created soon thereafter, were named Roland and Nachtigall. These battalions entered Soviet territory with the first German armies and organized the bloodbaths in Lvov, Ternopol and Ivano-Frankovsk (then Stanislavov) regions.

Nazi propaganda presented the pogroms in Lvov in June 1941, committed by the OUN fighters, as the “acts of revenge to Jewish Bolsheviks”.

On July 7, 1941 the incumbent “head of Ukrainian government” Yaroslav Stetsko wrote to the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Berlin:

“As the deputy of Stepan Bandera, leader of the OUN, and acting head of the government, I stand for close cooperation and solid alliance with the Great German State which will guarantee our emancipation from slavery. We understand, appreciate it and well aware that this alliance is decisive for the future path of history and deepening bilateral ties between Germany and Ukrainian people”.

Stetsko did not know that Berlin was never serious about providing a statehood to their Ukrainian stooges. Nazis used OUN nationalists an a cheap cannon-fodder and for propaganda purposes. Once the war against the Soviet Union was started, they neutralized OUN leaders (Bandera was arrested in Berlin on July 5) and disavowed all documents stipulating an “independent Ukrainian state”. The Ukrainian population was only allowed to freely admire German placards on the walls:

Nazi propaganda placard "For the will of the people!" on a Kiev street in 1941

The intellectual inability of the European mythboosters to even invent a new motto (please scroll up to refresh the title of yesterday’s installation in Kiev) and dull semi-empty hall of the “Center of National Idea” suggest that the derisive attempts of the nationalists to fabricate a parallel historical reality in Ukraine are destined to fail again.


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