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'Accurate and Efficient': Leaked NATO Report Praises Russia's Air Campaign in Syria

A classified report leaked to the German media reveals that NATO is impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of Russia's air campaign in Syria.

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In five months, Russia was able to turn the tables in Syria and implement a ceasefire. It took Russia less than half a year to accomplish what the United States and its allies couldn't achieve in five years. Putin's decision to get involved in Syria was a gamble -- but an incredibly successful one. Don't believe us? Just ask NATO:

The Russian task force in Syria has demonstrated remarkable efficiency and professionalism, according to a German magazine citing confidential NATO analysis.

The limited Russian contingent operating in Syria is outperforming the more widespread groupings of the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition, according to Germany’s FOCUS media outlet who came by the classified NATO document, which was prepared by the alliance’s military experts.

<figcaption>'Two thumbs up!' -- NATO</figcaption>
'Two thumbs up!' -- NATO

Remember in October when US military "experts" predicted that the Russians wouldn't be able to surpass 30 sorties a day?

the vast majority of U.S. military officials had predicted a far lower sortie generation rate from the Russian military. Most had predicted a sortie generation rate of around twenty per day. “If I had thirty-two airplanes and they were all different I think we could—with good logistics—get a four-turn-four from the Su-24s, a four-turn-four from the Su-25s, and two-turn-twos from the Su-30s and Su-34s…” another U.S. Air Force official had predicted. “So that’s twenty-four sorties a day.”

As the classified NATO document points out, Russia has seriously outperformed expectations in Syria:

The document points out that Russia deployed 40 warplanes, performing some 75 sorties a day (until the ceasefire came into effect on February 27). The airstrikes, usually delivered on several targets during each combat flight, are “accurate and efficient,” the analysis reportedly says.

The US-led counterterrorist coalition, deploying about 180 warplanes against Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL), strikes only about 20 targets a day. The paper says the number of Russian fighter jets on the ground is “clearly inferior in number” to NATO’s group, but the higher frequency of the Russian air raids makes them more effective.

The leaked report reminds us of an article written some months ago by a US Navy commander who warned the west not to underestimate Russia's capabilities in Syria.

Also: the NATO report doesn't mention any "hospital target practice" or "massacred orphanages" or any of the other outrageous, unsubstantiated claims made in the media.

We get it, NATO: Accuse Russia of killing babies in public, drool over highly professional, historic military campaign in private.



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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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