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Accomplished British Sociopath Begs Obama to Bomb Russia

Scary British lady wants US president to bomb Russia. Why are we allowing the Brits to interfere in our political/bombing process?

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EDITOR'S NOTE: If you don't know who Louise Mensch is, please stop reading this internet article and instead go for a nice walk in the forest, or have a picnic, or do something equally innocent and pleasant. You have yet to be forever cursed by the knowledge of Louise Mensch's existence. Enjoy life.

There are approximately 7 billion people currently living on our beautiful blue landfill, Earth. Because they are humans, and not kittens, we can safely assume that of these 7 billion, no less than 1 billion are complete jerks. And of these 1 billion jerks, there are probably several hundred million who could be described as "extremely unpleasant/potentially toxic to everyone around them". Of these, it would be prudent to place all Huffington Post contributors and Raytheon executives into a separate, even more dangerous category of human.

<figcaption>Oxford educated.</figcaption>
Oxford educated.

And then there are people like Louise Mensch, who prove that gender is a fluid social construct because sometimes you really aren't a "boy" or a "girl", but instead "Satan with a Twitter account."

Yes, the former Conservative MP from bonny England who has made a career of hating the dickens out of Russia is up to her usual shenanigans (dreaming of dead Russians, on Twitter):

Here is a compilation of Mensch's latest Twitter fatwahs against Russia:


We should point out that Mensch is the curator of conservative opinion and commentary website Heat Street. But is this really "conservative" commentary? Sounds more like a pep talk given before the launch of Operation Barbarossa.

Your humble Moscow correspondent hardly ever uses Twitter and, despite his oftentimes disrespectful writing style, is extremely mild-mannered in person.

So we really have to wonder: Is Louise Mensch really this evil in the flesh? Yes, the answer is most certainly yes.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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