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8 out of 9 Ukrainians Want a Negotiated Solution to War in Donbass

Just 1 out of 9 favor a military solution

New poll by Kiev International Institute of Sociology revelas 78% of Ukrainians want a negotiated solution to the war in Donbass. Just 13% want for the war to continue until complete victory for Kiev.

Moreover negotioans are favored over all of Ukraine, west as well as east. Negotiations are favored by 70 to 20 percent in the west, 73 to 12 percent in the center, 87 percent to 7 percent in the south and 94 to 1 percent in the east.

Of those who want negotiations 12 percent wants direct talks with rebels, 21 percent direct talks with Russia, 20 percent continuation of current talks with participation of Germany, Russia and France, and 37 percent want talks with the participation of the United States and Poland.

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