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The Clinton BLACKLIST: 5 Journalists Fired for Criticizing Hillary

If you want a job in the lying mainstream corporate media, you better not cast doubt on Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton does not like the media very much, which is probably why she hasn’t held a press conference in almost a year.

Journalists are generally fond of Hillary Clinton, although many would prefer awoke young hunk like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and they definitely aren’t fans of Donald Trump or most Republicans.

Democratic politicians know that criticizing Hillary Clinton is often a poor career decision. The Clintons keep a “hit list” of their political enemies. They are ruthless, and they never forget.

This can be true for journalists as well. For example, here are five members of the media who were fired (or awkwardly censored on air) for the sin of criticizing Hillary Clinton.

Dr. Drew, HLN

CNN sister network HLN abruptly cancelled Dr. Drew’s show after five and a half year on the air after the host said he was “gravely concerned” about Hillary Clinton’s health. The same network recently blurred out a Donald Trump shirtworn by a New Jersey hero they were interviewing.

David Seaman, Huffington Post

Seaman was reportedly fired without warning by the Huffington Post after he wrote an article with a video that raised questions about Hillary Clinton’s health. “They’re deleting and censoring commentary on her health — why is that?” Seaman said.

Matt Bruenig, Demos

Bruenig, a Bernie Sanders supporter and frequent critic of Hillary Clinton, lost his job as a blogger for the left-wing think tank Demos after referring to top Clinton ally Neera Tanden as a “scumbag” during a Twitter spat.

David Schuster, MSNBC

Schuster, a former MSNBC personality, landed himself in hot water in 2008 for suggesting that former first daughter Chelsea Clinton was being “pimped out” on behalf of Hillary’s presidential campaign. Schuster apologized the next day, but that didn’t stop the Clintons from personally lobbying the board members of General Electric, then the parent company of NBC Universal, to get rid of him.

Brianna Keilar, CNN

Keilar wasn’t fired, but she was awkwardly cut off mid-broadcast after she mentioned Hillary Clinton’s past support for “anti-crime” polices in the 1990s that helped bring about the “era of mass incarceration” that is currently looked upon very negatively by most Democrats.

Source: Heatstreet
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