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4th of July: Maybe This Year Americans Will Declare Independence From Their Bankster Overlords

"America lost its independence; it does the bidding of the Masters of the Universe, known as the global oppressor."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The fourth of July is US Independence Day, the biggest national holiday, and Americans do have reason to celebrate. They rule the world, with hundreds of bases and the most powerful navy and air force. Even the President of Russia said that they were ‘probably the only superpower’. But more and more Americans have come to doubt their independence.

If they rule the world, why is their life becoming worse? Why are salaries falling, why is the middle class disappearing, why are plants moving to Mexico or China? Why do today’s Americans not have the same expectations in education, jobs, or buying a house like their grandfathers had in the 1950’s? Why do Americans need their ships to provoke China in the South China Sea and their tanks to be in the Baltic states? Why should Americans be ashamed of the fact that their ‘foreign’ ancestors founded America?  

<figcaption>A time to declare true independence</figcaption>
A time to declare true independence

It seems for many Americans, it’s not they who are the beneficiaries of American power but anonymous bankers and manipulators who are building their own world. America for them is only a base, like England had been, and Holland before that. America lost its independence; it does the bidding of the Masters of the Universe, known as the global oppressor. When this idea takes hold in the minds of millions, it’s time to verify it.  

The coming presidential elections – a choice between Clinton and Trump – are a dispute on US independence. For Hillary Clinton and her supporters, America is an integral part of the world order. It’s not a separate country, but part of the mechanism; the banks that hold the world’s money; the courts that judge everyone on earth. It’s the registration ports of the navy ships that range over all seas. It’s the movies made in Hollywood for the whole world, the ideology that’s being created there. It’s where McDonalds’ hamburgers were invented, and now are being sold all over the world.

And what about Americans themselves, regular working people? No one cares about them. Donald Trump stands for  US independence; for being the Masters of the Universe. He and his supporters need banks to finance construction and industry in the US, but not to speculate and invest abroad. He needs American factories to function, but he doesn’t want the USA to be the global oppressor.

Independent America will remain a big, strong country either way.  However, it will put its efforts into developing its bridges and roads, plants and residential area, but not atomic bombs, missiles, aircraft carriers and bases. Everyone, and Russia in particular, will be able to be friends with this America. As children, we read about this America, with its farmers and workers. And we wish that this America  achieve true independence this year.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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