3 Years After "Russian Invasion" Kiev Stops Cooperation With Russian Arms Industries

Ukraine didn't actually ban arms sales to Russia until the larger part of the fighting in Donbass was already done. Now it has also abrogated a treaty on cooperation in selling arms to third countries — three years after what it claims was "Russian invasion"

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The Ukrainian government has terminated a July 18, 2003 intergovernmental agreement with Russia regulating interaction between the parties in exporting military products to third countries.

The government endorsed a draft resolution on terminating the said agreement without debate at a meeting on Wednesday.

An explanatory note to the document obtained by Interfax says that the resolution's adoption would bring the bilateral agreement in line with the current state of Ukrainian-Russian relations.

It was reported earlier that Ukraine stopped exporting military and dual-purpose goods to Russia in 2014. A presidential decree enforcing a Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council decision and dated August 27, 2014 codified the ban on military-technical cooperation with Russia, including shipments of dual-purpose goods.

The Ukrainian government severed a 1993 intergovernmental agreement on military-technical cooperation with Russia in May 2015. In August of the same year, the government also terminated a 1993 intergovernmental agreement with Russia on industrial and scientific and technical cooperation between defense enterprises.

Source: Inferfax-Ukraine

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