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2nd of 3 Great New Russian Films About Putin with Subs Just Hit YouTube (WORLD ORDER 2018)

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As we've explained before, there are two great new films out recently in Russia about Putin, Andrei Kondrashov's 'PUTIN', and Vladimir Solovyov's 'World Order 2018'.

Kondrashov's 2 part, 4 hour bio is a look at Putin's life through interviews with Putin himself and people who have known and worked with him going back to his childhood. Completely fascinating. So far the first 2 hours have been released with English subs - here is our write up about it on RI.

Solovyov's film in full

Solovyov's approach is different. He had a film crew follow Putin around for a year, and in between events, Putin would sit down with Soloviev and answer a few questions.

Both Solovyov (Jewish) and Kondrashov (Russian) are heavy hitters in the Russian media world. Solovyov is the host of one of the 2 top talk shows in Russia, and Kondrashov was until recently one of Russia's most prominent news anchors.

Trailer to Solovyov's film

Both films are excellent, and highly recommended. As soon as the second half of Kondrashov's film is available with English subs, we will let you know.

The creation and timing of these films could not be more deliberate, and sources have told us that they have been rushed to release as world events appear to be spiraling out of control.

They are a very deliberate effort to counter the incredible deluge of slander and character assassination hurled at Putin by BBC, PBS, and other biographies, and the entire Jewish mainstream media, that are flat-out lies, which becomes transparently obvious once you compare the Russian films to their Western Zio-media counterparts.

Here is a particularly embarrassing 2018 offering from PBS, just so that you can see for yourself what a demonization campaign is being run against Putin and Russia.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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