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24 Years Ago Ross Perot Said Everything Donald Trump Is Saying Now

Today, election day, the American people have a final chance to trump the establishment they have mistakenly supported for so long

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The US presidential campaign of 1992 is the first one I was old enough to remember relatively vividly. Being from a Republican household, it was clear that President George H. W. Bush deserved reelection. At least to a nine year old without much in the way of critical thinking skills. 

I remember there was a mock election at our elementary school, before the real one. Bill Clinton won handily. When the result was announced over the school intercom, the class cheered. The scant few of us who had voted for Bush sat ashamed at our desks.

Oh yeah, and almost forgotten, there was some looney tune named Ross Perot. He was short statured and quirky, and he had a squeaky voice with a thick Texas accent. I didn't really understand what he was talking about (at nine, my understanding of the economy was limited). Everybody thought he was funny - both children and adults.

Nevertheless, it seemed to my childhood sense of fairness that with 3 men on the debate stage, they should be considered equally. I asked a few adults what to think about this man. Why was nobody taking him seriously in the same way as Clinton or Bush?

"Because he's crazy," I was told. "He doesn't stand a chance."

Now we are 24 years later. Able to research and think for myself, it appears crazy Ross Perot was right about a lot of things. He warned the country against NAFTA and unfair trade deals. He said they would destroy US jobs. He attacked the incestuous corruption of Washington career politicians rotating in and out of lobby firms and the private sector.

Today, Nov. 8, 2016, Americans are presented with the opportunity to vote for another self-funding anti-establishment billionaire running against the Clintons - and the US political system itself.

Donald Trump has a gruff voice, he "looks presidential" and most importantly, he has an "R" next to his name instead of an "I". He is saying a lot of the same things Mr. Perot said two and half decades ago - only what Perot warned of then, is now an accomplished fact. 

Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992 and started the wholesale looting and deindustrialization of the United States (though the effects would not be felt seriously until he left office). Hillary, who would govern exactly how her moneyed backers tell her too, would complete the process. All that matters to her is power.

I didn't know Ross Perot was right in 1992. I was 9 years old - what's your excuse?

Americans have an opportunity today to reverse years of their mistaken support for the political establishment and put the United States on a path to redeem itself - and it's place in the world. Will they?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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