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The 2014 Donbass Convoy Assault Repeats Itself in Syria

The latest provocation seems to follow a familiar pattern

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The world media literally exploded after “another” act of perfidy by Russia. A United Nations humanitarian aid convoy in Syria was bombed on the night of September 20, killing about 20 people.

One would think this is evidence, but I have several questions, because the incident is similar to one that. happened two years ago near Ilovaisk…

How things were in Ukraine

In August 2014, a group Ukrainian soldiers were surrounded south of Donetsk, in the town of Ilovaisk, which few had ever heard of. The commanders of the Donetsk People’s Republic, unwilling to kill their fellow-countrymen, offered the commanders of the Ukraine army the possibility of laying down their arms and leaving. One would think this was simple and clear but the Ukraine commanders ordered their men to leave “with arms”, saying they would not be attacked.  

A man in the third column told me this story:

They left at night by the agreed route. First two columns were hit with salvo fire of BM-21 Grad and self-propelled guns. Passing by the broken vehicles, they managed to pick up only six injured among the defeated squadron. They, the third column, were simply lucky, and they managed to leave entrapping almost without losses (if someone fell, others didn’t stop and moved on). In the morning, the Ukrainian media reported on the treachery by Donetsk “terrorists” and Russians, who were behind them…  

Syria: shortly before the convoy was attacked

Everything seemed as usual on September 17, 2016. Syrian soldiers were at their checkpoints, scanning the southern horizon, where, according to intelligence, terrorists were concentrated for an attack. At 5 p.m. several aircraft struck at Syrian government positions. Several checkpoints were destroyed and Caliphate soldiers immediate began to attack…

The battle ended only towards morning. This was after an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council, where the representative of Russia ,Vitaly Churkin, demanded an explanation from the US, accusing them of conniving with ISIS troops.

Absurd explanations by Washington did not satisfy anyone and in the evening (early morning of September 18 in Moscow), the White House expressed sorrow for what had happened.

Meantime a new battle was going on in the north of Hama province between units of the Syrian Army and gunmen of the so-called “opposition”.

The confrontation was increasing every minute. The groups, which had been recently defeated near Aleppo, having regrouped and been replaced (including by convoys from Turkey), attacked the government positions, at times successfully. This forced the Syrian government to officially announce a termination of the ceasefire on September 19, according to the French newspaper Le Monde. By evening, everyone knew about it, yet the United Nations humanitarian aid convoy departed…

Fatal Convoy

Provocations always take place at night, when it is practically impossible to understand, who’s who.  

The convoy crossed the Turkish border and was slowly heading towards Aleppo, like dozens of similar convoys. All cats are grey in the dark, and according to Damascus, the truce was officially over (a familiar story). UN representatives had been informed that the trucks could move, (the same as the Ukrainian soldiers near Ilovaisk).

I won’t even try to guess who came up with this “brilliant” idea of allowing a UN aid convoy start at night on a road located in territory controlled by the opposition as soon as the truce was broken.

In the morning, the world media reported on Russian treachery, ignoring recent bombings of government troops by the US, and the fact that the truce had been broken by massive attacks the day before.  

Source: FAP News
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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