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20,000 Protest Government's Pro-NATO Course in Montenegro

  • And the rule of Milo Djukanović who has presided over Montenegro as either PM or president since February 1991 
  • Protest ended when it was broken up by police

20,000 - that's equal to over 3% of the population. 

Protest was organized by opposition parties which opposed secession from Belgrade in 2006.

Protest began peacefully but scenes of violence followed and protesters and police clashed. 

At one point protesters - no doubt thinking of the 2000 'Bulldozer Revolution' in Serbia and the 2014 Maidan overthrow in Kiev - were set on storming the parliament building.

The leader of the opposition Andrija Mandić was arrested and over 40 people were injured.

The opposition accuses the government of having falsified every election in the country so far and called for its resignation and a transitional government before new elections.

One would-be protester announced he would attend the protest with a bulldozer but was stopped on the way by police.

Montenegro has been pursuing NATO membership and is expected to be invited to join the bloc in December 2015.

In 1999 NATO bombed Montenegro when it was part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In one attack NATO planes killed six civilians in the village of Murino including three children aged between 10 and 13.

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