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1 Day Left - Last Chance - Fall Fund Drive - Censorship Update

The stakes are enormous

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Dear friends,

On Monday morning I wrote to you about the problem of censorship, and how the excellent Syrian / Australian activist and social media star who goes by the name of SYRIANGIRL had her Facebook page (75,000 subscribers) summarily blocked.

<figcaption>Relentless bunk detector</figcaption>
Relentless bunk detector

RI was the first to cover this.

As if to prove my point, later on Monday, YouTube all but shut down her highly popular Youtube channel (73,000 subscribers), and blocked a video she had made protesting her being banned from Facebook. We broke that story too.

The reasons YouTube gave for the ban were simply ludicrous. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

We will be hammering away at censorship in America in the coming months - as an American, it sounds strange to even be writing those words - but alas, it is all too true, and the implications are terrifying.

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(So far we've raised 75% of our $30,000 goal)

With one day left to our Fall fund drive, it now seems we will not reach our $30,000 goal. As of this morning we are at $22,500 - but I see this nonetheless as a great success.

The support you all have shown is truly gratifying - and enough to keep us going. We have received countless emails and letters urging us on - I cannot tell you what a morale boost this is for the whole team.

People all over the world are waking up, and realizing that we cannot sit back and wait for someone else to fix our media problem for us. If this gets done, it will be because we roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves.

Vladimir Putin won’t do it for us. (Although the excellent RT and Sputnik are a great help).

Some generous billionaire won’t do it for us - if they were going to, they would have done so by now.

(So far we've raised 75% of our $30,000 goal)

No, we have to do this ourselves - and that is precisely what we are doing.

We will succeed, in fact we already are.

If you have not yet given, please consider doing so. The stakes are enormous.

Join those of us who are taking a stand!


Charles Bausman
Founder, publisher and editor
Russia Insider

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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