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Police Captain Dragged by Horse Cart to Death in Western Ukraine

Suspects have been arrested after horses dragged a police captain's body over a 13-kilometer distance

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KYIV. April 19 (Interfax) - Police in the Lviv region have launched a criminal inquiry into the death of a police captain as a result of "being dragged by horses" on a road.

"At 10.30 p.m. on April 18 the Radekhovsky police department received a report from a 25-year-old local resident. The young man reported to have seen a two-horse cart passing by and a human body hanging underneath," the regional police department said in a statement released on Sunday.

<figcaption>Police Officer Killed in Ukraine, Dragged 13 Kilometers by Horses | Photo: Natalia Seliverstova, Sputnik</figcaption>
Police Officer Killed in Ukraine, Dragged 13 Kilometers by Horses | Photo: Natalia Seliverstova, Sputnik

Police investigators who travelled to the scene found a jacket with blood stains. In the pocket of the jacket, they found the ID document of a police captain who worked for the Radekhovsky police department.

"The law enforcement officers traced fragments of the human body. According to experts' preliminary conclusion, such traces could be a result of a human body being dragged over a solid road surface. The police officers found their colleague in a ditch on the border with the neighboring district," the police said.

The Radekhovsky police officers investigating the circumstances around the policeman's death have established the crime scene and suspects: a 53-year-old resident of the Radekhovsky district and a 26-year-old resident of the Sokolsky district. The police also found that the horses dragged the victim's body over a 13-kilometer distance.

The suspects have been apprehended. A criminal inquiry has been launched under Article 115 part one (premeditated murder) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code. The inquiry continues. The Lviv regional police took charge of the investigation.

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