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Poles Turn up the Heat, Demand Russia Return Art Looted in WW2

The Poland - Russia spat is getting ugly.

Interesting point, if Russia did loot art from Poland, doesn't that negate Allied claims that Germany looted art from Poland, something Germany emphatically denied at the time? How could there have been anything left for the Russians to loot?

Bolstered by American aid, the USSR was assured of victory over the Third Reich.  As early as February 1943, the Soviets established the Trophy Brigades. Their purpose was to join in the ransacking and share with the Allies the spoils of war.

Every German home and office, thousands of factories, tens of thousands of cars, millions of captive slaves became a prize of war. Germany’s entire merchant marine and manufacturing base became war booty. The ransacking of Germany reduced the defeated Reich to an empty shell. The allied plunder included the surrender of Poland and a further twenty free nations were handed to Stalin’s Soviet Union.

Poland has compiled a list of cultural objects that it considers lost due to the USSR.

Now, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs published on Twitter a list of their country’s cultural heritage that the department know is lost due to wartime looting by the Red Army’s top brass. According to the ministry, Polish culture “suffered huge losses” due to the actions of the Soviet authorities.

A reader makes a good point: This quashes the lie that Germany looted every country they occupied. That there were art works still in Poland for the Russians to steal.

The list includes paintings: Madonna and Child by Lucas Cranach the Elder from Głogów’s church, Madonna and Child with a Parrot in the Landscape by an unknown artist of the 16th century, Girl with a Pigeon by Antoine Pesne, Bird Courtyard by Daniel Schulz, Portrait of Johann von Schwarzwaldt by Hans Holbein, Forest Landscape by Jan Brueghel the Elder, Diptych of Winter Fields by a Dutch artist of the 15th century (they are all from the collection of the city’s museum in Gdansk).

A statement by the Polish Foreign Ministry said that “special units of the NKVD plundered valuable works of Polish art, many of which are still in Russia. The Red Army and the NKVD repeatedly destroyed and confiscated,” the Foreign Ministry added.

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The reason for the deterioration of Russian-Polish relations was the statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin about the diplomat Józef Lipsky, who served as Polish ambassador to Berlin in 1934-1939.

#Soviet #RedArmy did not bring Poland freedom. The German occupation was replaced by Stalinist oppression and enslavement. And Soviet troops remained here for almost 50 more years… 

On 17 January 1945, the Red Army entered Warsaw.

Warsaw was a flattened moonscape with just 6% of its prewar population left in the city.

The German occupation gave way to almost 50 years of Soviet oppression.

Putin recently called the diplomat a “bastard” and “anti-Semitic pig” and recalled that during the negotiations with President-Chancellor Adolf Hitler, the Polish ambassador promised to build a monument in Warsaw in his honour for implementing the idea of expelling Jews to Africa (Madagascar instead of Palestine).

After that, Polish President Andrzej Duda cancelled a planned trip to the World Holocaust Forum in Israel due to the presence of Vladimir Putin. 

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