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Poland to Finance Weapons Sales to Neighbors

Warszaw says seeks to become the "regional leader in military issues" and to "rally" Eastern European allies

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Yet more evidence that Poland is the regional super-hawk, and expanding economic and military power in Europe.  

The source,, points out helpfully, that this is "a response to Russia's increased military presence in Ukraine."

<figcaption>Aspiring militarists - Polish weapons at a recent show</figcaption>
Aspiring militarists - Polish weapons at a recent show

Strangely, no mention of how much money is going to be made available. Via Defense News:

"Poland aims to play the role of a regional leader, and rally other [Eastern European allies] behind the objective of intensifying regional cooperation in the field of defense and security," said professor Marek Jablonowski, a political scientist from the University of Warsaw.

The plan involves the Visegrad Group of countries — Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary — along with the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, in addition to Romania and Bulgaria, Col. Jacek Sonta, spokesperson for the Polish Defense Ministry, told local business daily Puls Biznesu.

Quite apart from just selling weapons Poland plans to bolster armament efforts of neighboring countries through government, bank and export loans.

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MORE: Military

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