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Democrats' Obsession With Russia-Gate Hands Trump a Free Pass on Everything Else

Understood this way Russia-gate is actually good news for Trump -- and any of his *actually* terrible ideas

We are bored with Russia-gate. So are you. It's bizarre, idiotic and made up. The last thing we're going to do is bore ourselves and you by going over all the holes in the self-delusional hodge-podge of neocon and Democrat propaganda that it is.

But there is one thing about Russiagate that is worth saying, and Consortium News' Daniel Lazare has just said it:

Democrats certainly have much to criticize. They could go after Trump for sabotaging the fight against global warming, for cutting everything from the National Endowment for the Humanities to the National Institute of Health to add more money to the Pentagon’s budget, for unleashing violence on immigrants, or for escalating U.S. military intervention in the Middle East.

Instead, they’ve seized on Trump’s call for a rapprochement with Russia, one of the few semi-sensible things he said on the campaign trail. And the Democrats have made it the centerpiece of a hate-Putin campaign straight out of Orwell.

But if the story of a Kremlin hack of the DNC goes, then precious little of Russia-gate will remain beyond a dubious memo and a few innocuous meetings with the Russian ambassador.

The more the Democrats push this latest Washington pseudo-scandal, the more they risk joining the GOP on the political trash heap. Trump could well end up as the last man standing amid the rubble.

At this point the Democrats' weird obsession with the Russia-gate fairy tale is just playing into Trump's hands. Saturating the media with this fake scandal -- that we assume most Americans have to be fed up with by now -- leaves precious little room to go after Trump on the things he is far more vulnerable on. 

So far the Atlanticists have blocked Trump's announced Russia reset (along with climate one of the very few things he is good on) -- but only at the cost of greatly dulling all their other arrows against him.

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