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PODCAST: Assange Arrest Is a Crucial Crossroads for the Empire (Michael Krieger)

Guest: Michael Krieger. Michael explains how the extraction of Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London and subsequent arrest and request for extradition to the US was a profound turning point for investigative journalism, freedom of speech and for liberty and civilization. This event might end up being as consequential as the bailout of the “too big to fail” banks and the impact that had on the financial system and the rule of law.

Michael Krieger is the creator and editor of Liberty Blitzkrieg. He’s a former Wall Street analyst from New York now based in Colorado where he is, as his Twitter profile says, “ poet laureate of the debt apocalypse.”

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  • 04:00 Kreiger’s background and article, Wall Street, TARP bailout bill, information arbitrage, Tech giants, a turning point, precedents set, no rule of law
  • 11:00 Assange arrest another precedent being set, national security state, no transparency, loss of freedom of speech and investigative journalism
  • 14:00  No accountability for elites aligned with empire, lying on a ridiculous level, outrageous propaganda
  • 22:00 Too big to jail, voluntary corporate surveillance, passive population, rulers and the ruled
  • 31:00 The “problematic” people, dissidents, Assange, Manning and Snowden
  • 35:00 Decline of empire, acceleration of abuse of power
  • 41:00 Investigative journalism, voluntary suppression of leaked or hacked information
  • 44:00 Suppression of speech online, deplatforming from the public square  
  • 50:30 Open source software, platforms, systems, journalism

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Recorded on May 8, 2019. Music by Fluorescent Grey.

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