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Playtime Is Over! Russia to Increase Missions in Syria to 300 a Day

Moscow plans a huge surge in military operations in Syria, according to reports

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Russia has been flying around 50 missions a day on average in Syria. Soon this number will be closer to 300, according to reports in the British press. The Independent reports

Russia aims to increase its aerial missions over Syria to 300 a day, sources close to the country’s operations have reportedly said.

<figcaption>A 'moderate' rebel's worst nightmare</figcaption>
A 'moderate' rebel's worst nightmare

President Vladimir Putin said the country is currently flying around 50 missions a day on average in Syria.

Operation sources, however, say the aim is to increase this figure to between 200 and 300 a day, according to The Sunday Times.

The construction of a new airstrip as part of preparations for the surge in missions is also reportedly under way.

Russia has deployed a range of bombers, jets, fighters and helicopters in its bid to probe rebel forces in Syria, including Su-24M and Su-34 bombers and Su-30CM fighters.

The source told the newspaper proposed targets were chosen by the Syrians, then passed on for verification by Russian drones.

“They are extremely concerned about the image of Russia’s military actions here,” the source told The Sunday Times.

This comes just days after the U.S. refused to enter into dialogue with Russia concerning Syria and the creation of an international anti-terror coalition. 

ISIS fighters are already fleeing for their lives: Now with 300 missions a day, the Russian air force will wipe out ISIS before you can say "moderate CIA-trained rebel." 

We guess the real war on terror will be led by the East? 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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