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Permanent Insurrection Benefits Elites, Expect the Protests to Continue (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

From Dissident-Mag:

As the looting rages from Main Street to J Street, Jazz and James explain why protests will continue as they spread internationally and how a permanent state of insurrection best serves elite interests.

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Speaking of global control, I see that these protests, I mean, we've had a lot of new normals with these protests, these have gone on. I thought on Saturday they were going to start winding these things down. But now I see what the strategy is and why these aren't going to wind down anytime soon. This is and and also it's you've broken the barrier of now. It's it's international violence. It's happening in France. It's happening in Australia. It's happening in the other country in this fucking mess here. It's happening all over the world now. And some people I've talked to who are not in this country, who are in another country are saying that this has now broken through their usual news cycle. This would be in a place that in areas where you wouldn't you you might see some United States news, but only when it's a very big deal. And now this has broken through wall to wall international media coverage of this stuff. And so, you know, you know, talked a lot with Alex and how the media, you know, and Mike says this is a media run state.

That's exactly what it is. And it's about what they show you. It's about what they don't show you. It's very much a Plato's cave allegory in many ways. And so when you start to have people in foreign countries who don't usually see our news getting just plaster wall to wall, black black faces, black bodies, things burning, and I don't know, I didn't ask enough in detail if they're running with the white people are doing the violence and the black people are peaceful narrative, but I'm sure they are. I've been in foreign countries and I've seen the news and how it's very funny. Like even if it's not in English and you see the captions and you read the captions, it's still Jewed the fuck up. Like the information that they tell you. The information that they don't tell you. And so that even people in a foreign country who don't really have a much, much interest in what's going on in American politics. Their takeaway will be the Jewish narrative. Every time. Every single day.

Yeah, well, and it's this happening in France. And actually, Germany was one of the very first adopters of this, I believe it was over the weekend where they had a few thousand people in the streets of Berlin protesting for. For George chanting George Floyd in your mouth, Deutsch. So, yeah, this is this is gone internationally. They had a protest in Tel Aviv.

The protest was it was orderly, though. Know in Tel Aviv, though, what do they.

What are they protesting in Tel Aviv? I guess this is these are leftist Jews who are OK with. They don't really mind Palestinians. And this is the the violence that's being committed by against Palestinians, I suppose. But, yeah, I could. It's a totally different dynamic when you're talking about protests in Israel, about literally anything. So many different things at play. It's like there's actually an interest by that state to protect its people from things getting out of control. And yeah, these others, you know, they don't care if Australia burns. They don't care if Germany burns. They don't care if. Oh, that. The Hague in the Netherlands. Also, there were violent demonstrations and these these have turned violent. You had apparently in Paris there is in a darma to try Rorie. There's a French blackmond who died in police custody. And they they burnt they're burning shit in France. There was a Aboriginal who I guess died in police custody years ago. That's the funny thing. All these in Paris and in Australia. I mean, these were these were all people who died fucking years ago. So these instances, I mean, going all the way back to this premise of this of, you know, they're talking about racial inequality. It's like, well, where's the inequality? Everybody knows that this isn't about inequality. It's like the guy died while he was high on drugs while he was in police custody. And this is the only example that you can find, because the big difference and I agree with Sven on this, and it's something that I did not get to say on the weekend and when wanted to say, I've had it at the top of my mind and I was forget it. It's like purged from jazz hands.

Ram at the front of my brain is that I remember the common thing that we always saw with Ferguson and everything throughout 2014 and so on. There is no sympathy for blacks because anybody could go look at what actually happened in the story, like, oh, yeah, of course. I mean, there's the cop to do anything. There's another didn't do nothing and nothing to see here. This they have made this into without question, the black guy committed the violence. I'm sorry. I wish they would mean, without question, that the black I committed the violence, that that the white guy that the white cop must've planted something. Didn't do enough. Yes. So that's what he did. And now they are going to charge that guy with second degree murder. This is prep that I was going to save for the weekend. But Keith Ellison, Muslim convert from Catholicism, Keith Ellison, who was a congressman. I had the pleasure of being blocked by him on Twitter when I was still on Twitter. He he blocked me. I definitely got under Keith's skin and said a lot of stuff that that made Keith Rowe mad. And it was really just prodding him because he used to have some anti-Semitic tendencies, you know, 20 years ago, used to they used to stand on the street corners in Minneapolis and hand out flyers. He's got some connections to Louis Farrakhan. And I would poke at him on Twitter about like how he's cooked and how he's just he's just like a shill for the machine. He's just like a little Jewish puppet. And I eventually got blocked by by Keith. But I must say, I hit a nerve. Right, James? I mean, you get under his shirt. Yeah.

Yeah. Ellison is the guy who wasn't he posing with, like the anti for handbook. Back in twenty. Seventeen. Yeah. Like giving his full throated endorsement to that. That's seminal tech.

Now that's a sound came out. That's Democratic establishment politics now.

I mean, you know, what revolutionary act is there about that today? I mean that seems so mundane, but back then it was like, oh, wow, look at this. But no, Keith, Keith comes out of that that mill you of of woak blacks who, you know, apparently are aware of, of Jews, but he's just a puppet. He's just a piece of the system. But he has escalated this charge against Derrick Shoven from third degree murder and second degree manslaughter to now murder two. Now, the reason why that's important. And there's two there's two key aspects of this. Number one, third degree murder does not. It does not include intent or premeditation. Just means that a guy died. And, you know, you were the guy who did it. Basically, it's almost a manslaughter charge. Second degree murder implies that you meant to kill, but it wasn't premeditated. And so that's going to be an interesting charge because Keith Ellison has escalated this charge up from the lower charges. Now, I saw blacks in various op Ed's in Washington, The Washington Post and New York Times saying that, look, I know third degree murder and second degree manslaughter doesn't sound like much, but this is something that we have to take. They're black saying this. This is something that we have to take because it's very it's impossible to get a cop. A murder hasn't happened in very many cases. It did happen in Hennepin County. So they have had experience with getting a cop a murder before, which is where all this was for those who aren't really around that many. Minneapolis's had a bit kind of. So I think St. Paul is Ramsey County, if I if I recall correctly.

So they they.

They are going to charge this guy more. Now, white pillars are going to say maybe that, oh, they're overcharging him so that he can get off. Well, I think they're actually going to do because. And by putting Keith Ellison in charge of this prosecution, he is a critical race theorist. He is going to they're going to make this. They're going to paint Derrick Chauvin as a racist. And they're going to say that because he's a racist. He meant to kill this guy. Case closed. You don't need any other information in the way that they're going to do it. Is his wife has divorced him. His wife announced that she is going to divorce him this week. Now, if they're married, a wife cannot be compelled to continue to testify against her husband. But now is a privilege now that they're divorced. An ex-wife can definitely be brought in to testify against her ex-husband. And she is going to know him. You know, the presumption by people who witness this is that she's going to know him very well. Now, the question is, who has gotten to her? Who convinced her to file for divorce? She's she is a of some Asian. She was like Miss Minnesota or something. But Debro, like, I don't know what's up with these Minnesotan's and picking picking these contests. But this is not I mean, it's bad enough when they put, like, the very the very dark ebony skin, like jaundice.

I do like black woman up for a Miss America or Misstate or something. It's like, come on. But this this this Asian woman is not not that attractive. And she she's probably Hmong. I mean, there's a lot among that have been transplanted in Minnesota, I think in the 70s, 80s anyway. They have driven a wedge between Derek and his wife and they are going to use her knowledge of him to paint a story that probably does not exist. Any tendency that this guy has ever had that they can construe. But remember, everything is white supremacy, right, James? If you believe in law or do you believe that if your family deserves to be safe and that no one should cause you harm, you're already a race, you're already a white supremacist. And so they're going to plant these thoughts. I mean, you know, the guy's meme folder's going to be the thing that undoes him. I don't know if he hasn't meem folder, but if this guy's on social media, which most people are most people don't issue social media for whatever reason, he's probably said edgy things or shared edgy Meems, and especially if he's a cop, comes home from work dealing with bullshit day after day.

He's probably said some stuff that that should not have any impact on him carrying out his role as a police officer.

But it will in the new normal, in the new paradigm. Remember, they tried to get Trump on this. You can't do these laws that are totally constitutional because you said Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers and whatever else. You can't do that because you had racist intent. They're trying to codify this into law. And so, yeah, I don't think that they're going to overcharge. Stuff doesn't apply here. I don't think.

Well, and people have the same theory. When it came to James Fields charging him with first degree murder, which is, of course, intent and premeditation. And there was no evidence, absolutely zero evidence for this being for that being a premeditated attack or even for there being intent to kill. But as we saw, that didn't matter. He was charged with it anyways and got 400 something years. They have already introduced this concept of of a white person being racist and that racism motivating their violence even when that violence is in self-defense or is by the book as this this restraint maneuver was, even though this wasn't really his cause of death, which we know he was high on, on fentanyl and other drugs. They did this with Jeremy Lloyd. And I mentioned this case a few times, and this happened actually last summer. I believe this was, of course, the 18 year old white guy who was leaving the pool with his girlfriend. And he was attacked by a pack of of 12 or so blacks. And he fought back with a pocket knife in the in his defense. He you know, he won the fight, actually fought them all off with his knife. He stabbed one of them. And then he was later accused of saying the N-word while defending himself.

Now, whether he said that or not, it doesn't. It shouldn't matter. It shouldn't matter what he says while he's defending him. He could he should be entitled to say whatever he wants. This is a case of self-defense. But instead, what happened to Jeremy Lloyd was he was arrested and charged with a hate crime because malicious intent to maliciously wound these these boys, these youths or something, you have to go back and review the actual case. But they've done this in sort of low level cases and, you know, test the waters to try this out, introduce this into the into the prevailing legal theory. And now when you have a high profile case, perhaps one could argue the highest profile, a police killing of a black person ever in American history and the the incitement that has been done at the hands of the media and and others. Yeah. Yeah. And Keith Ellison at the helm of the prosecution. It's going to be unavoidable. This is absolutely where they're going to go with this. And his wife being. A racial other look. She's not going to be you know, she divorced him day one after this happened. She is going to have no allegiance to the truth when it comes to testifying against this guy.

She could just make shit up wholesale and get away with it and say, yeah, he came home every day and and, you know, put on American history X and started screaming the N-word every day. I was married to him and it was so horrible. So, yeah, I mean, really, it's it's whatever strategy they want to try. Here they will be. They'll be allowed to do it. And the difference being that with a case of like Darren Wilson or George Zimmerman or these others, there was a there was a sizable amount of people that were willing and did step out and defend him and say, this guy is innocent. He did nothing wrong. He is really the victim here. If anything, that has been totally changed through the control of social media, through the general control of the narrative conservatism, you know, doing what they are now. So there will be very few people aside from aside from us not defending him as a cop. But, you know, speaking the truth about this case and and taking the other side here, I think it's going to be very tough for Derrick Trovan to get a fair trial or to muster anybody to come to his defense.

Well, in the collapse of white support for police is also an insidious part of the Jewish dialectic. It doesn't mean that you should just support police. But under normal circumstances, if these guys did what they were supposed to and in most cases, in most cases they do, then then then there would be no reason not to take their side. But by having them kneel down, by having them do all of these kinds of gay antics and hanging their pension over their heads and, you know, just following orders and whatever else, I mean, it's never one single reason why they are doing what they're doing. But in an insidious way, they are collapsing the support for the police. And you're seeing this bear out in polling data that shows that most Americans are sympathetic to to the protesters and disapprove of Trump's response. Now we're going to get into Trump's response and we'll talk about that in a little bit. But this is a survey conducted Monday and Tuesday. We found that 64 percent of American adults were, quote, sympathetic to people who are out protesting right now. Twenty seven percent were not. Nine percent were unsure. Now, again, it's it's a lot of men, a lot of the way that they ask these questions and what they did. Reuters Ipsos is notorious for for flubbing these things in that in that direction. And if you ask questions in the right way, like do you believe in law and order? Do you. Do you believe that black people should be able to burn down American cities and destroy property? Because for any reason that they want. And at what point is too much like nobody nobody's going to ask that pull. That's like jazz hands, like white nationalist pulling one on one. They're never going they're not going to ask those questions that way because you you would get these responses that would would confirm a lot of bias. And the last thing they want to do, any pollster that they're there out from the outset, their goal is not to confirm bias, but sometimes, yeah, their goal was to manufacture consensus, not to confirm consensus.

Right. And so they're going to ask the question, do you support the right of Americans to peacefully protest or do you support those that are peacefully protesting? And when you ask that question, yeah, you might get 65 percent support because there are many people that are better in the soft middle that that think, well, you know, sure, they can peacefully protest. I mean, this people are having this reaction to because they're conditioned to have that reaction because they're being told that is that is the right wing extremist reaction is to say, yeah, I support the protesters and yet the cop messed up. But the looting is just too far. That's being presented to you as as like the right wing. And one Oath Keepers and other groups like that are are stepping in to make that true. Right. These groups that are coming out and and packing their guns and Hawaiian shirts and saying, yeah, we support.

That's all part. It's all part of the up to to get it. This is about erosion of white support for these types of things and erosion of white support for Trump, which they succeeded at doing. And that that is why they're really allowing the protests. It's one of the many reasons, but it's one of the bigger reasons that they're allowing the protests to go on. Now, people want to say, but wait, I thought you said that Trump has been a Jewish president from the beginning and this is all an up and out. It's like there's still a disagreement between these people and if they if they wanted if they wanted these.

Now there's disagreement between whether the riots should continue or not to. That's another aspect of this. But they want these riots to go on because they caught they are calling Trump's bluff because they know he's not going to do the Insurrection Act. They know that he can't do anything. He's filling up Washington, D.C. with active duty military because as president, he can do that. D.C. is not a state he can take. Over for the D.C. government and fill it up with active duty. But he's not doing it anywhere else because he doesn't have the ball. He doesn't have the balls to do insurrection. And it's also not in his interest to do the Insurrection Act. It's the proper use of the Insurrection Act. This is an insurrection. What else do you call this? So any any of these buffoonish veterans and like Jim Jim Arau Dog Homosexual Matus is coming out and saying that, oh, you can't use this for against the citizens who are.

That's exactly what it's for. Faggot. That's what it's for. So shut your faggot mouth. You're not in you're not in the military anymore, Jim. These people. These people are not. Yeah. I'm just not I'm going to hold short right there, but.

Sure. Yeah. Insurrection by definition is from within. This is not to be designed to be used on enemies from without. All right. That's a that's entirely not the point. Yeah. And I'm sure Jim Mattis would be raising no such and such objections if the military were being dispatched to, I don't know, tamp down on white protests or down on white people and or tamp down on people who are getting in Israel's way.

How many how many innocent women and children, men, women and children are dead because of orders given by Jim Faggot Mattis? How many how many are there? I wonder. Right. And oh, all of a sudden, these people who are not innocent, who are out committing crimes, out destroying the country, out over upending the rule of law, that doesn't exist. And I do agree with the narrative that that this in in the in the world of fourth generational warfare. This is enforcement. This is enforcement of their regime. So if you call the Insurrection Act, see, that's the thing. It's like the constitutional right says, oh, well, it's it's in the Constitution can do that. The Insurrection Act, it's perfectly fine. It's like, well, your if you did that, let's say Trump doesn't exist. Just to say some president who had the will to do it, who wasn't controlled by Jews.

What would the response from the the opposing regime be? Well, the Insurrection Act is meant to put down an enemy, but these people out in the streets are not their enemy. They are the tool of enforcement. And so that is just not going to work. And so that's why you have people coming out and saying, oh, you can't do the Insurrection Act against these people. These are the tool of repression. These are the tool of disruption. We're going to let this go on as long as possible. And they're happy with it, too, because, look, Trump's approval rating is thirty nine now. What have we said for a very long time? You get that approval rating down into the 30s. And this guy's fucking gone. They're going to get rid of this guy if they can keep pushing this down, because you start to see the same old voices coming out. Now, during 2016, you had opposition to Trump. That was real. But you all said opposition to Trump. That was meant for all of us to believe that. Oh, wow, he must be based. Look at all these Jews who are in opposition to him. But now you have people coming out who are not Jews, who are in opposition to Trump who are saying that, yeah, he's he's got to go. He's got to listen to these protesters. This guy is not fit for office, blah, blah. It's all the same bad stuff again. And they're going to try to get this guy out. That's why they're letting this go on. And they'll let stuff burn because they know that he's not going to do anything about it. He's not going to shut this down. And if he does. Let's see. Let's say he does do the Insurrection Act.

He's finished. They're gonna go after him like that's it. He can't do anything, so he's boxed in, they're calling his bluff and they're watching his numbers go down and down and down. And, you know, it's it's he's flailing his arms around. He's out there, like, trying to do photo ops with the Bible and, you know, get into all that. I don't want to I don't want to pivot off of the riot stuff yet. But there's a reason why he's going out and doing Bible stuff because he's like we actually have tangible proof that he has shed 12, 15 points off of his white base. I mean, they're just they're like, yeah, no, they're not running to blacks, contrary to popular belief. These people are like, fuck this guy. I'm done like, all right in somebody. But it's not gonna be this guy. This is the guy that said he was going to end American carnage and instead he is causing more of it by letting this go unchecked. His if if Trump crackdown, if Trump did the Insurrection Act, you would see his approval rating bounce overnight. He got a ten point bump from that.

All right. That's exactly what I had that thought, and I said that somebody a few nights ago watching these riots. I had the thought that any police chief in the country, any governor that just instructed their department, instructed the National Guard they have called up to change out the rubber bullets to just, you know, switch to live ammunition. Just do this seriously. Instill law and order and use the proper force necessary, use the force required to suppress what is essentially lawlessness and insurrection in your city. They would be an American hero. They would be the most popular figure in American government overnight because people are are craving someone to do that. People are craving a show of force against against the rebel hordes. Right. This is what people want to see. And, you know, you you kind of see how this timeline shakes out. Right. Where the first night, the first two nights, you know, it's it's ramping up. And then it really reaches a fever pitch early in the week. And then what do you see? You see people across the country and white communities from Pennsylvania to western Washington coming out and saying, you know what? If the government if the state is not going to show force, we will we're going to take to the streets with bats or guns or whatever it may be to defend our city, to defend our town, to defend our people and our neighborhoods against this, because somebody has got to do it. And, you know, these people let's just say these people in Snohomish. These people in Pennsylvania. They weren't using rubber ammunition. Right. They were ready to defend their community by any means necessary. And people want that.

Yucaipa, California. I saw that you had a rooftop. You capons up on the roofs with Antiflu trying to come into the town.

And this these people said, fuck you, you Kuypers down south of Los Angeles, down there on the 10, the five, five, 10.

Well, like everything else, which literally the indecision is what makes it worse, too, because we've talked about this before. The rank and file cops. Sure, some of them probably are Tahj shit bag Black Lives Matter supporters, but a lot of them interested in promotion, but a lot of them are disgusted with what they're having to do and the restraint they're having to show. And they're sickened by the fact that they're a job and they know they will lose their job if they do not comply, that they have to sit by and lose their job.

If they just do their job, they're getting a second degree murder charge. Right. Like, it's not just like, oh, God, my pension. Oh, God, my hours. Oh, God, my cruiser that I like and my partner, it's like, how about your fucking freedom? These four other cops or the three other cops, two of whom aren't even white, are are being charged with with aiding and abetting.

And they each can get a maximum 40 year prison sentence for standing there and watching it. In the article, they're saying, yeah, like one guy pointed his gun and then he's supposed to pull his gun. He's making it arrest. Yeah. What's he supposed to do? He even pointed his gun at him for a few seconds before telling Derek Chauvin to roll him over on his side. And it's like he's supposed to point the gun. And then the other guy there, like an officer Chang, sat there and stared.

It's like, yeah, it's like, well, what I mean.

40 year maximum prison sentence because he didn't interrupt like the S.O.P of an arrest. Like, get the fuck outta here.

Hey, you know what? Let's let's while we're at it, let's do the paramedics. Two paramedics each get 40 years for not saving Floyd's life. Let's do the dispatcher. Yeah. 40 years for them for first facilitating the dispatch. Right. So this is the thing is these rank and file officers, rank and file people in the system know that the consequences for them ranged from, at the very least, being fired, being docs, being harassed and facing that down the rest of their life or to just outright going to prison, you know, being executed, whatever it may be, whatever the system decides, is the next the next step punishment for a white person or even an Asian guy. In the case of Officer Chang, who I don't know, how could they tell him if he was standing mind staring or if he was nodding off to sleep? Yo, who knows? But it's like these people know the consequences will be extreme and severe and they're being subjected to this. I mean, these are the same cops having to go out there and watch these riots day after day after day. And so you see them starting to act out. Right. You're seeing some of them just like shooting people in the head with teargas or seeing some of them, you know, do do some beatings that, you know, they're not instructed or authorized to do. But the thing is, you would quell all of this much quicker if that's what you just had all of them do. If you had all of them use the force necessary, you're not hamstrung them departmentally. They just do their job to do what what regular white Americans expect a police force to do as a police force in a serious country would do as police in our country used to do, to restore order? Yeah, it would be very simple and very simple.

And I see here, too, that they it's not just an upgrade of the murder charges for Derrick Chauvin. They have in addition to. In addition to the third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. So you know how this is going to go. They're going to shoot for the shoot for the six pointed star and get this guy on second degree murder. But if that doesn't work, then they'll go for the third degree murder and second degree manslaughter and only a totally improper, totally unprecedented two.

I mean, this is. Yeah. I don't I've never heard of a case like this where they charge multiple degrees of the same charge.

Yeah, it's it's gonna be it's gonna be bad and they're gonna drag this out as long as possible. They even said I think Elison said, look, no rush. We got plenty of time. And what that really means in that really means is, is that they're going to wait for very good opportunities to make this go hard. And then they want plenty of time to build their case in an airtight way and pick a jury and everything because they want this guy to burn for this end. And again, like, you know, I'm not going to I will, too. I will take up this guy's take up this guy's side on this, how we'll take this guy's side. And I don't know if. Oh, yeah. You find out that. I don't know. He voted for Jeb Bush. Oh, God. We'll fuck him. Let him burn in jail. It's like. Okay, yeah. Light switch. Brenn, let's just roll.

Yeah. He had an Asian wife. I mean, whatever. I don't care. The reason they're doing this to this guy is because he was a cop. Yes. Yeah. He's a white guy.

Yeah. Yeah. And and yeah. They have months. Suicide watch, too. By the way, after what happened with his wife, I mean, just, you know, put yourself in this guy's shoes for a second and think what he's just going about his normal job. And the next day he finds out that he's lost his wife and probably has lost his life the rest of his life.

And he's just sitting in prison. And and there's nobody out there that is is. Imagine being in prison and being the cop or being George Zimmerman or being the cop that all the cops that were involved with, like Ferguson and everything else and feeling like that would be enough to like get you through, I think seeing that there was support for you and for police. And just in general, like if you don't want to support police, at least support for that guy, because he he just did his job. And we can't allow this to happen. Whatever. But imagine being this guy and looking at the media if you have access to any media at all implying he's not in solitary confinement in the Hennepin County Detention Center. What you know, what would you see? Like, literally not a single person is is sticking up, even though 30 percent of the country, if you if you take that poll at face value, thinks that this is bad. There's nobody in the media taking that position. Nobody.

Nobody. And the worst part is you see your president. The president who? You're a white car. I don't know. Here it comes out as maybe. Here come the president coming out. And, you know, if you get the newspaper or something, if you're allowed to read. And the headline is the president of the United States condemning you, insinuating that you're a murderer, saying what you did was terrible, that you killed an innocent, you killed a hero, a great man picked George Bush. He's great. And, you know, from your perspective, you just went to work that day and you got the call on the radio of a six foot five, 250 pound black man high on drugs, trying to pass a fake check or pass a fake one, your dollar bill or whatever. And you had to fight this guy to the ground, which is what happened. And you're holding him and restrain him because he's high on fentanyl and PDP and whatever else you just did, your job you were trying to to ensure law and order. You were making the best of a very rough situation, a situation that ideally you would not have to be in because you wouldn't have to be policing these people.

And for that for that crime, for defending and by the way, not only defending yourself, but defending these other officers. Right. You're keeping your fellow officers, your brothers safe. You're keeping the community safe. So this guy doesn't get in his car and drive and hit people. Whatever you're doing your job and you are being lynched for this. This is a lynching. This is a real lynching. They talked about lynchings. This is a real lynching. It's going on with this guy.

This is a Jewish lynching. And they're flipping flipping the script on everybody. And they've been they are going to do this. They're going to keep on doing this. And they're going to find more examples that they can trot out and run with. Because the Georgia one wasn't airtight enough. They needed that. They needed the picture of the guy with the knee on the neck and then make the connection. And then they get the Jeffrey Epstein medical examiner, who wasn't even physically present for the re-examination to say, oh, yeah, the guy died of his fixation, you know, died of asphyxiation, because that's what happens when you're on fentanyl. You just stop breathing. That's asphyxiation. That's what happened.

But where did this guy do like his Zoome exam?

Probably as. My God. Exactly. Yeah. Oh, by the way, that that Ipsos Reuters poll that talks about Americans sympathizing with the protests. Yeah. They don't publish the poll. It's not there. Like, you can't go look at the crosstabs. I'm sure I could find it somewhere. It's not in the fucking article. It's just here's our Thompson Reuters trust principles, but not a single link to the poll itself. And then because, of course, you start looking at those crosstabs and then you you see how they how they did it.

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