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US Media Claims Russia Doesn't Fight Terrorism in Syria; Now Says Terrorists Targeted Russia as Payback

Because that makes sense

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

We still don't know who is responsible for the tragic terrorist attack in St. Petersburg this morning.

And we also don't know the motive — although CNN claims the deadly attack, which has killed at least 10 and injured 50, was in "retaliation for Syria".

<figcaption>CNN says "moderate rebels" did this</figcaption>
CNN says "moderate rebels" did this

Isn't that amazing? We thought Russia only bombed LGBTQ activists and sand dunes in Syria. What kind of "moderate" rebel would plant an IED in a subway car thousands of kilometers away from Syria?

International relations expert (and professor) Max Abrahms points out the glaring hypocrisy that we are now seeing from mainstream outlets gloating about how the attack was "inevitable":


As Bloomberg includes in one of its own reports about the tragic attacks:

Islamic State has repeatedly threatened to stage attacks in Russia in revenge for the Russian bombing in Syria that started in September 2015. 

Which is ironic, because for the last two years, each and every day we have read about how Russia is targeting "moderate rebels" who are fighting "Assad's tyranny". 

Now all of a sudden Russia is a primary target for "retaliation" from terrorist groups in Syria? This doesn't make sense if you believe the mainstream media narrative about Syria. 

And again: We don't know anything yet, although at least one Russian official has now confirmed that Moscow believes this to be a terrorist act. 

But if Russia doesn't attack terrorists in Syria, why would they want to kill Russians in St. Petersburg? Such is the logic of CNN — if Syria has anything to do with this tragedy to begin with, and frankly right now no one knows. 


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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