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PBS 'Frontline' Cites 'Russia Insider' as Example of Kremlin Propaganda that Handed Trump Victory in 2016

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

PBS poses as a highbrow channel full of British 19th century dramas and thoughtful, if condescending documentaries on Country Music. One can imagine the average viewer braying in an Eleanor Roosevelt accent, decked in pearls and sipping vintage champagne: 'Darling, look at the PROLES are with their quaint Country songs!, how CHARMING!'

But PBS's politics are as evil as it gets, funded as they are by, well, rich NYC Jews, the red beating heart of Hillary-loving America.

So I'm watching PBS's Frontline last night, God knows why, and they have this long documentary on what an evil guy Trump is, 'America's Great Divide', and a long section of it breathlessly accounts how that nasty Vladimir Putin totally exploited America's divisive politics in 2016, his propaganda operations pumping out fake news (of course) about Hillary's health, and what do they put on the screen as Exhibit A?:

Ha Ha Ha!!!

We were talking about the Parkinson's angle way before RT, Infowars, or anyone else was. Our own Rudy Panko broke the story September 13, 2016:

Best Available Evidence: Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's, by Rudy Panko (69,000 views)

9 days later we were the first news organization to publish a long interview with a US doctor specializing in Parkinson's, making the case:

Mounting Evidence That Hillary Has Parkinson's, Our Interview with Dr. Ted Noel (Video) by Charles Bausman -  (21,000 views)

And then a month later, 3 weeks before election day, kept at it:

Hillary's Behavior Continues to Show That She Has Parkinson's Disease (Video) by Charles Bausman (35,000 views)

In the 3-4 months leading up to Nov 11, we published about 50 major articles hammering Hillary every which way we could, some of which were picked up by Drudge and Infowars, many of which went very viral, getting over 100K views.

I was physically present as an alternate guest (I ended up not going on stage) on Russia's leading talk show, 60 Minutes, in early September 2016, when I witnessed one of the funniest attacks on Hillary there ever was, when Vladimir Zhirinovsky, one of Russia's leading politicians, started screaming that Hillary is in fact A WITCH!, calling her a SNAKE!, and ridiculing her health problems and the lying around them, to a cheering Russian audience. Realizing this was gold, I rushed home, transcribed the clip, and published it (39,000 views), where it got 50,000 views on YouTube overnight.

Alex Jones picked it up, and put it on his YouTube channel (since deleted), and it got 500,000 views overnight. It is still one of my favorite videos of all time. Zhirinovsky's comic timing is brilliant, Watch:

A screen shot from Alex Jones

So how much did we contribute to Trump winning? Something, I guess.

And no PBS, it wasn't the 'KREMLIN!', it was just regular Americans like us, sticking it to the gang of liars rooting for Hillary.

I know that Marcel Sardo guy cited in the PBS show. He's just a regular guy, European actually, in Swizterland, spending all day on Twitter, doing what he could to help out.

Talk about conspiracy theorists, PBS takes the cake!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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