Famous Neocon Sees the Light, Urges Putin to Ramp up Syria Intervention (Michael Weiss)

Heartbroken over the loss of Palmyra Michael Weiss wants Putin to step up his war on ISIS

Palmyra just fell and upon hearing that the first reaction of famous neocon Micheal Weiss was to ask where the hell was Putin and why wasn't he around to defend it?

We are talking UNESCO site after all! Putin, WTF?!?

Weiss was sad that Russian were too busy smacking around "a consortium of anti-Assad rebels, including those in the al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Fateh al-Sham" in Aleppo: 

“Our future Russian allies, with all their international legitimacy, are too busy elsewhere in Syria to help much against ISIS.”

So witheringly tweeted former U.S. ambassador Robert Ford on the day that the CIA went public with disclosures about Russian government hacks designed to get Donald Trump elected president; a report emerged that Trump’s imminent appointment for Secretary of State is ExxonMobil CEO Rex W. Tillerson, a personal friend of Vladimir Putin who awarded him Russia’s Order of Friendship in 2012; and news broke that ISIS has recaptured much of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, its most successful territorial revanche in two years.

Moscow, as Ford implied, was evidently too busy bombing the rebel-held parts of Eastern Aleppo to prevent one of its major symbolic prizes in the war in Syria from slipping its grasp.

Obviously to prevent that in the future Weiss now wants Putin to dispatch more Russian troops to Syria so they can fight al-Qaeda and ISIS at the same time.

'Where the hell was Putin's army?' Weiss asks
'Where the hell was Putin's army?' Weiss asks

Also, to ease the burden on ISIS-fighting Russians Weiss will now naturally call for for the western powers to for god's sake finally stop bolstering rebels which fight side by side with al-Qaeda.

Palmyra fell in 2015 because foreign powers had weakened the Syrian state and overstretched its armies. Now it has happened again. Let's not let it happen for the third time! Michael Weiss glad to have you on board!

(And where the heck was USAF? It's a UNESCO site after all! Obama WTF?!?)