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Pakistan Claims It Bagged Two Indian MiG-21s, India Confirms the Loss of One, Claims Its MiGs Also Bagged a Paki F-16

Is it 1:0, 2:0, or 1:1? Who the heck knows. India says it downed a Pakistani F-16 that was part of a 3-plane bombing run against an Indian airbase in a dogfight, at the loss of one of its own MiG-21s.

That's after Pakistan said it had shot down two Indian MiG-21s that were on a bombing run in Kashmir against Jaish-e-Mohammed at no losses on its side.

India claimed its Kashmir bombing run was a great success killing 300 terrorists, but Pakistanis showed off footage of bomb damage on a hillside forest and claimed that except for one local civilian no one had been hurt.

Both sides are accusing the other of lying through their teeth and passing off old footage from years ago as current. For what is worth so far the Pakistanis have somewhat more proof for their claims seeing they captured a crew of one of the planes they claim they shot down.

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In any case, old Russian-made planes are again battling it out with slightly less old American-made ones.

And oh yeah, both sides also have nukes. Quite a few of them.

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