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Ukraine Lost Over 460 Soldiers Dead to Donbass War in 2016. Combat, Suicide, Murder and Alcohol the Big Killers

Lads, don't join the Ukraine army!

Shocking statistics for Ukraine military losses in 2016.

211 servicemen were killed by enemy action in Donbass. This is a very high number for what is supposed to be a "frozen" conflict.

Another 63 soldiers killed themselves. 

58 died of illnesses. 

39 due to reckless handling of weapons, and another 47 in other accidents.

Fully 39 servicemen were murdered.

10 died from alchohol poisoning or substance abuse.

5 more died for unspecified causes, and 4 died "due to violations of security measures" -- ie they wandered onto a mine field, or were shot by sentries.

All said Ukraine in 2016 lost 467 servicemen -- 256 outside combat.

This is comparable to the number of soldiers US was losing in Afghanistan at the height of combat operations there (317 in 2009, 499 in 2010, 418 in 2011, 310 in 2012). It is comparable to the 486 soldiers US lost in the first year of the Iraq war.

Losing 217 soldiers without even having really pursued the war is bad enough, but even moey shocking are some of the other numbers. 

63 suicides, 58 deaths from disease, 10 alcohol poisonings and 39 homicides? Are we reading the statistics for a mafia-ridden, depressed ghetto, or the armed forces of a European nation? 

At 39 homicides for its 250,000 members the murder rate in the Ukraine military is four times as high as the overall murder rate in Ukraine,

These are numbers from Ukraine's Ministry of Defense. They do not include losses sustained by the National Guard which reports to the Ministry of the Interior instead. 

National Guard was the force which incorporated the often unruly and extremist volunteer right-wing battalions. If anything its numbers must be even worse.

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