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Skewering Reuters' Skewed View of Russia Views

The western mainstream grows more biased the longer the west-east foreign policy debacle continues. At this point, examinging the middle players in this dangerous game of misinformation seems much needed. 

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Hey Reuters, can I get a column because Vladimir Putin likes my writing? Come on, your news service let’s every Tom, Dick, and Lucian Kim (who’s a Khodorkovsky disciple) spew propaganda at a moment’s notice. What about the other side of the story?

Here’s a poke at just how despicable mainstream media has become in the west, and why you should be fed up. 

<figcaption>Reuters cookout</figcaption>
Reuters cookout

I wake up every morning to news feeds. It goes with the job, you know?  This morning, after having just done an interview about the 70th anniversary celebrations coming up in Moscow, I read a Reuters empowered Mikhail Khodorkovsky (below) gnome's disparraing bit. The headline of Lucian Kim’s latest anti-Putin upchuck says it all; “How Vladimir Putin’s skewed view of World War Two threatens his neighbors and the West.”

After I got physically sick to my stomach, the vehemence and venom of all these self professed Khodorkovsky trolls gripped me again. Only this time I recognized something worthwhile, meaningful, and symbolic of the current war of lies. The truth of a notorious Russian oligarch’s reach into the west’s anti-Russia game sparkled for me, and it continues to glow. Kim’s editorial trail, part of the reason it slithers through the mainstream visibly, noxiously, leads through a plethora of news outlets:

“Lucian Kim is a Berlin-based journalist who has covered the Ukraine conflict for Slate, Newsweek, and BuzzFeed. He previously worked as a correspondent for Bloomberg News in Moscow and The Christian Science Monitor in Berlin.”

Khodorkovsky at a joint event of the Snow Meeting and the Vilnius Forum of Intellectuals (Lithuanian Foreign Ministry)
Khodorkovsky at the Vilnius Forum of Intellectuals (Lithuanian Foreign Ministry)

As I bounced along the Google search trail of the author's editorials, yet another splinter of familiar political science pain pricked me. “Fulbright Scholars” are all somehow sponsored by the United States Senate, and the United States State Department, as funding for grants like the one Kim received come from those halls of wisdom and good, and from corporations you know care about common decency. Now I recall my own collegiate days, and the recruiting types, the well dressed clean shaves scurrying about shaking hands like CIA spooks with real, honest-to-God educations. Make no mistake, Kim is not the only convert to the Khodorkovsky Religion, nor is he the most ifluential, he's just the best writer amongst them. Ekaterina Mishina, who was part of the so-called "club of regional journalists" (see below), teaches at major universities, lectures, and is key to Khodorkovsky's IMR inititatives. Olga Khvostunova is another who is a visiting scholar and another Fulbright Scholar infuential in the anti-Putin game we see today. Then there's Mihcael Weiss, the Daily Beast aggitator, and many, many more. The reader can discover from where the seeds of May 9 boycott are germinated by visiting The Interpreter here. What passes for intelligence at that Khodorkovsky propaganda rag resounds with policy diatribe by the likes of Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski (below in Munich) and Interpreter contributor Paul Noble. (Read Russophobia  by Andrei Tsygankov)

50th Munich Security Conference 2014: Zbigniew Brzezinski: Zbigniew Brzezinski (Former United States National Security Advisor; Counselor and Trustee, Center for Strategic and International Studies)
50th Munich Security Conference 2014: Zbigniew Brzezinski: Zbigniew Brzezinski (Former United States National Security Advisor; Counselor and Trustee, Center for Strategic and International Studies)

Back to Kim, the Tweet below, the author comments on Russia's new lord and savior's countenance, as if his every burrito dinner need be cannonized. 

What I find most disturbing about writer’s like Kim is not their avarice against Vladimir Putin, nor even his “kissy-kissy” adoration of ousted oligarchs. What is distasteful is the way honor and respect is trashed to serve a lesser purpose. And I thought the think tank psychopaths were bad! While I spend the last couple of weeks here in Germany interviewing veterans of World War II to tell their story, Khodorkovsky and his creeps just want to spew hate, discord, anything that would further the US State Department line, and vent Mikhail’s angst over his lost Russian gas billions. Good God, how insufferable rich, prickly narcissists can be. Have you ever taken the time to gather the imagery these people exude? I am.

If Reuters and Bloomberg can clone (or percolate) evil little Khodorkovsky “Mini Me” writers to set loosed on humanity, it's a good thing the readership only needs one good story to shatter Orwellian dreams of control. As Kim’s Khodorkovsky and Me oozes the author’s love and adoration for a New World Order over Russia, the people are just getting more fed up these days. The brashness with which western backed rhetorical comes forth now, it is a kind of transparency only ultimate evil can prpopgate. Read how Kim all but evangelizes a Russian revolution here: 

“It’s stating the obvious to say that Putin freed Khodorkovsky because he doesn’t see him as a threat anymore. But that doesn’t mean Khodorkovsky is not a threat.

There’s no way Putin can be sure that this decision won’t come back to haunt him one day. Nobody can be sure until Khodorkovsky is allowed to go back to Russia.

I plan to be there with him when he returns.”

All I can think about this morning are the generation of soldiers who fought in the great world wars, and those who've battled since. I recall the stories of my Dad, my uncles, their friends, the Russians, and Germans, and British I talk to now, who put it all on the line, and who learned their lessons well. Kim and these others could care less for honor or decency in my opinion. Our biggest problem in the world are the “go betweens” that prop up presidents devoid of caring for respecting peoples.  I was taking with a Wehrmacht sergeant just this weekend, a kind old gentleman of 92 at an old folks home nearby. Something he said, it rings like a church bell for me as I type this. He, like so many others I've spoken to, was utterly shaken and remorseful over the destruction of peoples and cultures in World War II. Speaking of Hitler, my subject’s recollection of Nazi Germany times framed the likes of Khodorkovsky and his fellows. On the German Führer’s destruction of German and other lives he said;

“Hitler was not the worst evil of the Third Reich, it was the little Hitlers in every town that were despicable.”

If we consider this, from men of honor from every service and country, then the despicable nature of these lies becomes apparent. Somehow I recall a Hero of the Soviet Union named Vasily Zaitsev (below), whom my countrymen will recall from the popular film, Enemy at the Gates. I wonder at his opinion of dishonoring the fallen. These thougths would seem to matter more now...

It is the desperation of the abettors to crimes of misinformation that are the worst evil. The agents of unjust causes, the co-conspirators we can remember in our own experiences, the nescient or knowing accomplices really do poison the water we drink. Perhaps Kim’s and other Khodorkovsky followers’ attestations are not so surprising when one considers the former’s early on brainwashing of Russia students and the “club of regional journalists” Khodorkovsky’s  Open Russia fostered in the early 2000’s. Tracing those roots is like tracking down the early stages of the Hitler youth or some Stephen King brain chiller. The linkages to key American or Brit patrons like George Soros, or even USAID spell conspiracy with a capital “C” for me. (Read: Putin and the Oligarch)


American's may recall from the film Enemy at the Gates Vasily Zaitsev - Hero of the Soviet Union
American's may recall from the film Enemy at the Gates Vasily Zaitsev - Hero of the Soviet Union

Given all this, I wonder how any editor on Earth can read the Kyiv Post and not associate NATO propaganda, the war mongering sociopathic drumming, the societal melt down in progress west of decency. Kim is there too, along with 76,000 other mentions of Khodorkovsky, and untold allegations of Putin led world disaster. As for Mr. Putin’s “skewed view of World War II” I wonder how seeking to honor tens of millions dead heroes is dishonorable? I’ll ask my veterans what they think of boycotting such memorials, and of meanness and pettifogging.

I leave you, the intelligent reader, with the board of trustees of Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky’s Open Russia Foundation, see if you recognize any of them, then ask yourself who has the most powerful troll network, Putin or these guys. 

Henry Kissinger

Arthur Hartman (Career Ambassador, the highest rank in the U.S. Foreign Service)

Dr. Mikhail Piotrovsky (Director of the Hermitage and key Khodorhovsky student indoctrination link)

Lord Jacob Rothschild, OM GBE (The man some say runs the whole show, the trillionaire, you know?)

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