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An Open Challenge to Jewish Columnist: Let’s Have a Debate!

Regular readers of this website are well aware of “the growing anti-Semitism scam,” as Philip Giraldi, a former counter-terrorism analyst and military intelligence officer for the CIA, recently described it in an excellent article published at The Unz Review.

The “anti-Semitism” slur is “something like a tactical discussion stopper, employed to end all dispute while also condemning those accused of the crime as somehow outside the pale, monsters who are consigned forever to derision and obscurity,” Giraldi powerfully argued in his recent piece.

Indeed, Jews and their lackeys target anyone and everyone who questions or disputes their narrative on any number of historical and contemporary topics as “anti-Semitic.” Factually observing basic facts about Jews and their power and influence in society is fundamentally “anti-Semitic,” according to the organized Jewish community and Jewish ethnic activists. Due to the tremendous influence of the Jewish community in the West, these attitudes are entirely mainstream and have become institutionalized throughout America and Western Europe. Generally speaking, it is social and professional suicide in the West to criticize Jews or publicly state demonstrable facts about their anti-White, globalist agenda.

I’ve written and spoken extensively about “anti-Semitism,” a truly weaponized concept utilized by the Jews and Jewish controlled institutions such as the mass media and entertainment complex, mainstream politics, and academia. “Anti-Semitism” and other weaponized buzzwords, including “hate” and “racism,” for example, are Orwellian concepts utilized to shut down any sort of honest discussion that deviates even slightly from the prevailing Jewish promoted narrative on any number of important topics: racial issues, politics, foreign policy, immigration, history, etc.

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A common and increasingly tyrannical tactic employed by the organized Jewish community and left wing activists whose minds have been poisoned by Jewish propaganda is to shut down and censor“anti-Semitic” publishers and presenters on the internet. “Anti-Semitic” websites and publishers have been deplatformed, censored, kicked off Twitter and other social media platforms, and otherwise excluded from mainstream society due to lobbying and pressure organized by Jewish ethnic activists, radical left wing groups such as antifa, and dishonest left wing “journalists”. David Icke and other righteous political activists have even been prevented from traveling to and speaking in other countries due to their politically incorrect opinions.

Rarely do these individuals and groups attempt to confront “anti-Semites” intellectually or engage in an honest, frank, straightforward debate. They have relied on censorship and doxxing – the publishing of private, personal information publicly on the internet in an attempt to maliciously target someone – to shut down their political opponents. Radical left wing activists even engage in outright political violence against their perceived political enemies, often without legal repercussions (see here and here also).

Which is why I read a recent article written by Josh Lieblein, a Jewish political activist and writer living in Canada who “does not self-identify as a journalist” according to this Columnist page on Loonie Politics, with great interest. In his piece, Lieblein argues that he and his comrades must take “the fight to the haters,” and openly confront and debate them publicly on the issues. A very welcome development, I must say.

“We are a people who put a premium on learning, who are guided by the written and spoken word,” Lieblein’s Op-Ed published by The Canadian Jewish News begins, referring to himself and his fellow Jewish tribesmen. “That can make it hard to comprehend why today’s discourse, especially online, is filled with ignorance, both willful and unintentional. Wannabe demagogues trigger outrage on social media, and it’s become a popular pastime to sneer at them and the triggered alike.”

Lieblein continues:

The common denominator is ignorance. People don’t seem to understand that unchecked falsehoods about Israel or beliefs that George Soros is singlehandedly bankrolling mass illegal immigration creates the conditions for violence against Jews. […]

But ignorance is not always the same as stupidity. Brushing off those who espouse anti-Semitism online as stupid or deluded isn’t getting the job done. Neither is calling them racist, sexist or homophobic – even though that’s what they are. Attempts to deplatform haters – to take away their ability to use certain social media sites – and to shut down their media outlets, not to mention threats to commit violence against them, isn’t getting the job done, either.

We have learned that the purveyors of hate are canny operators. The trouble is that few, if any, are willing to step onto their turf and call out their falsehoods to their faces.

It makes sense that many are justifiably afraid of being mobbed or physically attacked if they speak out. We’ve seen exactly that type of thing happen time and again. But if the targets of hate are too frightened to strike back, then those who benefit from the spread of ignorance have already won. Reporters can fact-check all they like, but unless their subjects are directly confronted with their own falsehoods, it becomes a perfunctory exercise. Thanks to the distance provided by social media, it’s easy to ignore one’s critics.

What we need – and what the Jewish community must seek to develop – is a group of trained, skilled debaters and social media influencers who are wise to the haters’ verbal tricks and trapsin addition to the Nazi-punchers, the deplatformers and the behind-the-scenes operators. […]

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Lieblein is arguing for a very bold and new tactic to counter the “spread of anti-Semitism”: in addition to outright political violence as well as deplatforming and censoring “anti-Semites,” Jewish activists and their sympathizers must develop “a group of trained, skilled debaters and social media influencers” to directly confront “anti-Semites”.

“Online anti-Semites cannot be defeated with memes, fact-checking tweets, national anti-hate strategies or virtue-signalling protests,” Lieblein passionately argues. “Right or left, populist or establishment, they and their falsehoods must be faced directly and destroyed with relentless truth. Doing this would put the haters on notice: The Jewish people know who you are and where you are. And we will not allow you to spread your lies without having to meet, confront and justify yourself before the people who you are lying about.”

As a self-professed “anti-Semite”, i.e., someone who recognizes basic, easily provable facts about Jews and their power and influence in America, I welcome Lieblein’s approach. Let’s openly discuss and debate our worldviews Josh – I think it’s a great idea.

I’ve been hoping for an opportunity to engage in an open dialogue with my political and ethnic opponents for years. So I openly challenge Josh Lieblein (@JustJoshinYa on Twitter) to a public debate. I would be more than happy to have him appear as a guest on my radio program, and I believe I am professional and objective enough to host an honest, frank discussion between the two of us. If Josh prefers an alternative venue for an honest debate, I am totally open and willing.

What do you say Josh?

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Let’s debate these issues: let’s discuss serious, scholarly revisionist arguments relating to the alleged Jewish “Holocaust”; let’s talk about the overwhelming evidence Israel and Jewish criminals in America planned and orchestrated 9/11 in order to initiate and institutionalize the Jewish-concocted “Global War on Terror”; let’s discuss the Jewish role in promoting Communism, both politically and culturally; let’s address Jewish power and influence in America, including their complete control over the entire U.S. federal government, their control over the mainstream mass media and entertainment establishment, and their influence in academia, banking, finance, and other leading sectors of the U.S. economy; let’s talk about dual-loyalty and the history of Jews. I’m more than willing, and it sounds like you are, too.

Let’s do it Josh. I’m sure we’d have a great discussion. What do you say?

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