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One Chart Says It All: Russia, China Optimistic About Future While NATO States Stew in Self-Doubt

The future belongs to the East

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Russians and Chinese believe that their nations are headed in the right direction, according to Ipsos/Mori’s ‘What Worries the World’ survey.

You won't find this level of optimism and confidence in NATO countries, though.

<figcaption>To the future!</figcaption>
To the future!

Among the Western nations, Canadians are the only people with a predominantly positive outlook.

And while South Africa — a BRICS member — sits near the bottom, look at who is dead last after Mexico: France. (But the BBC says there is no crisis in France? Maybe the French are just too introspective.)

Also, look at Sweden.

We have a few closing thoughts, but here's the hard data:

Country Comparison
Image: Global Advisor

The details:

Nearly two thirds of people around the world believe their country is heading in the wrong direction.

This is according to Ipsos/Mori’s ‘What Worries the World’ survey, which questions thousands of people in 25 nations.

Between October and November 2016, the percentage of people who believe things are on the right track in their country dropped by 2 percentage points to 37% globally.

The Asia Pacific region and the BRIC economies tend to be more optimistic, while people in the other regions are more likely to take a negative stance. People in Latin America and Europe are particularly pessimistic about their nations’ fortunes.

It gives you goosebumps just thinking about it: Where will BRICS and Eurasia be in ten years? China has already started its massive New Silk Road project. BRICS nations are already inking deals in their own currencies.

And Russia has just conclusively shown that it can upend Washington's proxy wars.

As Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told U.S. Vice President Mike Pence: The western-led world order is over.

The future belongs to the East.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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