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Oh The Irony! - Top Pundit Retweeted by 'Russian Trolls' Is This MSNBC Russia Hater

We've written about this Russian strategy before. They do it all the time in the domestic media.

They just take the most outspoken Russia haters in the American media they can find, say a Rachel Maddow, or Bill Kristol, and present what they say verbatim, and all of Russia can see what a vile, ridiculous, hypocritical, lying mess America has become.

Here, they seem to have tried the same technique on Americans. The recipe is simple:

1. Take 1 very dumb black affirmative action queen who is inherently irritating to most people, who talks simple-minded trash about Russia 'cause her bosses want her to.

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2. Retweet a lot.

3. Sit back and watch America descend into chaos.

I think it's time we admit that these Russian trolls are a lot sharper than we thought.

Get the full story and all of Joy Reid's zany tweets about how awful Russia is at Bizpac Review.

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