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Obama: Don't Worry! We Can Still Bomb Iran

Barack Obama wants you to know that the US can still bomb Iran. Phew! We were getting worried...

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The United States is the only country in the world that talks openly about bombing other nations. Case in point: Iran. "Should we bomb Iran today, or tomorrow?" This is the most pressing question in the American press. And now that Russia has provided Iran with air defense systems, the second-most pressing question in the American press is, "Can we still bomb Iran?" The answer of course is: Yes! 

Barack Obama has the details

<figcaption>Full of freedom bombs</figcaption>
Full of freedom bombs

The S-300 air defense systems, built by Russia's largest defense contractor Almaz-Antey, are some of the most advanced weapons of their kind on the market, prompting fears that the weapons would be used to defend Iranian nuclear sites.

But in a televised interview on MSNBC's “Hardball” program, Obama said the U.S.' roughly $600-billion defense budget outstripped any military strategy that Iran could afford, with the latter only spending $17 billion on defense.

“Even if the [Iranians] have got some [Russian S-300] air defense systems. ..You know, if we had to, we could penetrate them,” Obama told interviewer Chris Matthews.

Put a straightjacket on this psycho. 

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