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Northern Thunder: Awesome Power of Russian Artillery on Full Display (Cool Video)

"Artillerymen, the fatherland calls us. From many thousands of batteries, for the tears of our mothers, for our motherland — fire! Fire!"

- The March of the Artillerymen (Soviet WW2 Song)

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Alahu Akbar indeed!

Russia recently celebrated the day of Rocket Troops and Artillery. Boasting on of the largest and most robust arsenal of artillery and rockets in the world, Russia was always proud of this important part of her military.

This explosive video on our YouTube channel illustrates the raw power of what in the Russian language may well be described as "суровый бог войны" - the stern God of War which is the Russian Artillery Corps.

While you're at it, maybe check out this classic Red Army song about the March of Stalin's Artillery during the Great Patriotic War.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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