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North Korea and Russia Sign Road Connection Deal

Deals between Moscow and Pyongyang keep coming as the 'Year of Friendship' continues

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This article originally appeared at NK News

North Korea and Russia have signed an agreement to develop a new road connection between the two countries.

<figcaption>North Korea highway</figcaption>
North Korea highway

Nikolai Asaul and Kwok Il Ryong – the Russian and North Korean deputy transport ministers – signed an agreement on developing a road connection in Moscow, a statement released Tuesday by the Transport Ministry stated.

“The signing of this agreement will create a legal basis between Russia and North Korea in the field of road transport, which was previously lacking, and create conditions for mutual trade and tourism between the two countries,” the statement read.

The agreement’s provisions also contain generally accepted principles of international road transport and law, which will provide opportunities for trucking companies in each nation as well as help to create favorable conditions in developing road links between Russia and the DPRK, the statement added

Government officials from the two countries signed the agreement as part of the Year of Friendship program between Russia and North Korea, which envisions closer collaboration between the two states in political, economic and humanitarian spheres.

A delegation of high-ranking North Korean officials is also in Moscow this week to attend opening ceremonies for the Year of Friendship.

While images on Google Maps show a rail connection between Russia and North Korea via the former’s border town of Khasan, which also borders China, they do not indicate either an automobile or pedestrian bridge traversing the Tumen River along the 40-kilometer border.

Russian vehicles seeking to enter North Korea by road must now travel via China, with the nearest border crossing over the Tumen River Bridge Hunchun, in Jilin Province.

Also near the current Russian-North Korean border is the port of Posyet, about 60 kilometers north of Khasan.

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