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No Joke. US Puppet Merkel Is Person of the Year for UK Paper

Who was in their jury? US State Department?

Person of the Year, we say Puppet of the Year is more appropriate.

British newspaper, The Times, has named German Chancellor Angela Merkel “Person of the Year” for her contribution to European security.

The British daily noted her important role in establishing a dialogue between the West and Russia.

The Times noted:

“Merkel is a prominent European politician and one of the most influential women in the world.”

European security. Unless you consider promoting a new cold war, and moving the world closer to a full scale hot war, European security…then sure, she deserves the award.

Merkel managed to accomplish a lot in a year. Too bad most of those accomplishments were beyond bad. Off the top of my head…

  • She backed an illegal coup against an democratically elected government in Ukraine.
  • She supported, and openly promoted, the bombing of innocent civilians in the Donbass.
  • She turned the other way to a rising power of neo-nazism in Ukraine…and now its spreading to Germany as well.
  • She followed Obama’s lead and championed E.U. sanctions against Russia, despite those very sanctions being extremely detrimental to Germany’s very own economy.
  • By supporting sanctions she managed to destroyed decades of successful business partnerships between Russia and Europe…and specifically Germany.
  • She sent Germany’s economy into recession, and with it all of the E.U. back to the economic pits.
  • Merkel’s support of sanctions against Russia came back to bite E.U. farmers the most as they saw there biggest market close up.
  • Merkel dished out even more austerity in Europe’s south, and stringently refused to help Greece get back on its feet.
  • She forever lost Southern Europe’s most secure, cost effective energy option by stonewalling South Stream construction.
  • She was (as Europe’s largest power) at the helm when European citizens voted for anti-EU parties in droves.
  • She exposed herself as a US puppet who placed America’s geo-political interests above Germany’s, and Europe’s, economic future.
  • Merkel exposed to the world just how much of an American vassal state Germany truly is.

Angela Merkel is definitely America’s Person of the Year, and even the UK’s Person of the Year.

She did make all her decisions based on America’s best interests. It left much of the world asking one question…

What “embarrassing” stuff does the US government and the NSA have on Angela Merkel that would make her risk the E.U.’s future, Germany’s economic health, and her own reputation, over Ukraine?

Here’s to Puppet of the Year Angela Merkel.


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