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Is Nikki Haley a Robohuman Controlled by Samantha Power? All Evidence Suggests 'Yes'

You think Samantha Power packed up her warmongering blather and went home? Think again.

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Far too much has been written already about Nikki Haley's debut performance at the U.N., where she not only managed to make herself look extremely foolish, but as an extra bonus provoked open revolt by China.

Take a bow, Nikki!

<figcaption>Only robots look like this. </figcaption>
Only robots look like this.

But is this so-called "Nikki Haley" an actual, breathing diplomat? Or is she a roboweirdo controlled by Samantha Power?

We compiled a secret dossier of tweets and Youtube videos, and the evidence is damning.

Notice the distinct lack of basic human dignity? Yes, all the hallmarks of Samantha Power.

There's no way to refute this, sorry:


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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