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Newsweek and the Dark, Dark Media Wonderland

Get this, a hi-profile "journalist" (Kurt Eichenwald, senior writer for Newsweek, contributing editor for Vanity Fair and The New York Times):

  • alleged he was told to write a false story linking Putin and Trump by the US intelligence
  • attempted to buy silence from a Sputnik staff writer with an offer of an editor job at the New Republic -- lest the story is revealed to be false
  • alleged extensive connections to the US intelligence community and seemed to threaten the same American Sputnik writer with unspecified action from the FBI

US mainstream media -- the playground of spooks and hacks. A propaganda arm of the regime indeed -- but that's not nearly all of it, Newsweek is litterally owned by a cult leader(!) and Eichenwald has been nothing but an obedient (if neurotic) scribe to him

Newsweek protected sources, alleged Kremlin tampering, threats and big mouth romping and stomping by a Newsweek “operative”. All this and more illuminates the darkest alleyways of controlled western media. A nasty backlash from Vanity Fair/Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald, over a Sputnik author’s innocent mistake heralds a media circus act gone bad. My report today is first and foremost, an effort to let new readers in on the kinds of mudslinging that goes on at Newsweek. 

By way of background, a young journalist named Bill Moran was duped into making use of a doctored WikiLeaks cable, Newsweek and Kurt Eichenwald leaped into action capitalizing on the mistake. Moran used a misattributed Sidney Blumenthal note, in order to refute clearly manipulative western mainstream rhetoric, and his mistake backfired loudly. The crap-storm that ensued began with the Newsweek piece; “Dear Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: I Am Not Sidney Blumenthal,” and was fuelled by sheer meanness, arrogance, and buffoonery. Moran’s over enthusiasm led to a media maelstrom, but it also cost him his job. What ensued is right out of  a carnival freak show. It’s a story of a young writer caught in between a holy or unholy rock and a hard place, and the darkest media wonderland you ever imagined.

When the Sputnik writer tried to clarify his mistake to clear the record, first on Twitter and then via email, the Newsweek author tried played “big deal” US intelligence operative and media go-between, going so far as to try and coerce the young journalists with a job assist. On Twitter, in released emails from Moran, and in subsequent Newsweek posts by Eichenwald tell us the veteran columnist literally tripped off the line. Eichenwald attacked Moran, Sputnik, the Kremlin, and anybody or anything pointing to his own lunatic actions, even later admitting he would not stop. Then Sputnik reports on the  “doubling down” by the Newsweek troll here, this quote encapsulating the media carnage at a point:

“The journalist who wrote the debunked Trump-Putin conspiracy theory - and was exposed by Sputnik of admitting to being fed the story to malign the candidate by US intelligence officials - has updated, instead of retracting, his story. After which he had a complete breakdown on Twitter and threatened to use Newsweek’s lawyers against Sputnik.”

Next Eichenwald publishes, “HOW I GOT SLIMED BY RUSSIAN PROPAGANDIST SITE SPUTNIK”, a Newsweek approved piece showing a whining madman professing he was beset by Kremlin trolls and was forced into a Twitter user blocking strategy (no doubt monitored by the NSA, CIA, FBI, and SPECTRE as well). Looking at Eichenwald’s Twitter stream from Thursday the 13th, the day he said he was assailed, I see nothing but his usual SPAMMING of the Twitter waves with anti-Trump propaganda. It seems to me, that somebody assailed by hordes of Kremlin trolls would not be able to Tweet with a straight face before, during, or after, but on the 13th his big Twitter message was as follows:

The day before Eichenwald was supposedly beset by the forces of darkness he had another nemesis, Snowden documenter Glenn Greenwald got the Newsweek-Eichenwald lawyer threats:

Back and forth, back and forth, Eichenwald threatens and threatens like the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn, the rooster blowhard of the barnyard from Looney Tunes. Next Foghorn, I mean Eichenwald, secures a big traffic hit and pleases the “Newsweek boss men” with a supposed scoop on Sputnik-Kremlin connivances. Unintentionally, he gets caught playing the big d___ Daffy Duck with Top Secret clearance at Langley (half kidding), then loses his freaking mind, sputtering Daffy epithets at the out of work writer. A comic, this is what Newsweek has become.. and as Porky Pig would say; “Ah, tha, tha, that’s all folks!”

In order to understand Eichenwald’s comic countenance here, one has to examine what is up at Newsweek. The magazine currently owned by IBT Media, is in turn run by two spooky little tied to charismatic Korean pastor, David Jang. From a media analyst’s perspective, I am hard pressed to show the reader a more illegitimate source of truth today. Maybe one of Rupert Murdoch’s outlets, perhaps the Daily Beast could be more of a tabloid? But let me tell you about Eichenwald’s editorial guidance, and where the “message” comes from.

This Mother Jones story opens the closet on the new ownership of the American magazine begun back in 1933 by Thomas J.C. Martyn, a former foreign-news editor for Time (Now spinning in his grave). The gist of this story is about ITB executives Etienne Uzac, and Johnathan Davis, and their coming out of nowhere to scarf up big media prowess. At the heart of the MJ story is an associate of these two, the man some say is the second coming of Christ, the good reverend David Jang. Having been proclaimed the “second coming” by his disciples some time back, Jang essentially climbed under a rock after the MJ piece surfaced, but the Olivet University founder’s name resurfaced when ITB Media layed off, and allegedly failed to pay severance to Newsweek writers who lost their jobs. Uzac and Davis were the subjects of some pretty harsh tweeting then, but Jang’s “ministry” is the really strange interconnect here.

A story about a New York insane asylum turning Jang cult camp came across my desk moments ago. One of my assistants came in smiling; “Look what the new Christ is up to at a New York senator’s offices, “ my researcher exclaimed. Whether, or not Newsweek, and ITB are funded by this pseudo-Christ or not, I have to include more madness for effect here. This story of Dover Greens (formerly Olivet Management LLC) transforming a lobotomy center called Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center seems fitting given the craziness now at Newsweek.

In my mind, Jang’s minions coercing state officials to get tax breaks for transfiguring a nut house into an evangelical retreat is tantamount to R. M. Renfield preparing Carfax Abbey for his dark master, Count Dracula in the Brahms Stoker classic. This abandoned insane asylum was in 2013, a scene right out of a Hitchcock horror. When OSHA investigated the allegedly haunted hospital ground Olivet was transforming, they found workers chipping lead paint and handling asbestos without any knowledge from “Jesus” (sorry too convenient) that exposure to said materials could kill them later on.

Fast forward to today, and the lobbying to the NY State government includes news of Dover being the poster child of asbestos awareness now. I’ll end this story here, but everything Etienne Uzac, and Johnathan Davis and Jang are involved in takes on a scary countenance, and one much more freaky and spooky than midnight tales of Kremlin ghosts, I might add. This story of one of Jang’s “flocks” upset over charges of sexual misconduct with the sheep bears reading too. My story is about the “flock” of Newsweek though, so let me return to our dear Mr. Eichenwald, and his part in this ministry of mis-information.

In all honesty I could not resist a couple of snide tweets referring to Eichenwald myself, the guy is that disgusting. Look at this social media wildness from god’s news boy:

As you can see, hysterical incantations, perhaps from some dark and sinister ceremony, mirror in Eichenwald’s feed. Interestingly, this story from 2014 at Deseret News National may explain the unholy nature of this man’s nastiness. According to the Mark A. Kellner piece, an Eichenwald cover for Newsweek brought outrage from Christians upset over his pre-Christmas condemnation of Bible believers. The elaborately laid out “The Bible: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin”, is an insanely aggressive condemnation of millions of American Christians.  Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary had this to say about Eichenwald’s diatribe:

“(Eichenwald's article) is exactly what happens when a writer fueled by open antipathy to evangelical Christianity tries to throw every argument he can think of against the Bible and its authority (T)his article is likely to do far more damage to Newsweek in its sad new reality."

Here is where our story of “revelations” gets really interesting. Reading Eichenwald’s holy testament on Newsweek one cannot help but draw parallels to the sermons and cannons of Jang’s believers. Quoting from an obscure story, and a now deleted blog by Aida and William Spencer entitled; The Mystery of David Jang (Jang Jae-Hyung), readers will find this:

According to the testimonies of former followers of David Jang, those who confessed David Jang to be the Second Coming Christ were called re-born. It appears that the problem of the Davidian groups is in their soteriology (doctrine of salvation). In the Newsweek piece Eichenwald is “preaching” salvation based on the belief in (a) Christ alone. His condemnation for evangelicals who lean on the cross is clear. Similarly, the Davidians of Jang’s sect skirt this issue of relying on the cross for salvation.

Theologically splitting hairs being aggravatingly insufferable for me, I’ll save this aspect for a future discussion after I consult our theologians. What is significant here is this Newsweek and Vanity Fair author’s “coincidental” association and abrasiveness on all fronts. This Catholic League opinion on Newsweek and Eichenwald calls his “confusion” and arrogance to question.

Whether Newsweek is run by our lord and savior, or by the Anti-Christ, Kurt Eichenwald has a demonic nature. He professes to care about a young writer who jumped the gun on a WikiLeaks fake, and then aggressively attacks the same young man for trying to defend himself. Then, with Newsweek’s blessing, he chastises the man as if his own infallibility holds some holy sway.

This story addresses Eichenwald’s sins though, showing him lying about Donald Trump and later deleting the tweet to cover. This prolific preacher of godless propaganda takes the holier art road at every turn, then twists and squirms like some wriggling hell-worm to slide his way out – all the while maintain his nasty penchant for hurt. And Newsweek lets him have at it. He ordains Donald Trump has syphilis, and goes like mad in favor of Hillary in one instant, but shows a past dotted with brilliance and even kindness.

To his credit, Eichenwald has helped people like the now deceased Houston Chronicle writer Michael Brick, who got his first break from the bestselling author. Reading of his spotty decency, and superimposing the man’s mean streak, I almost pity him for the good he seems capable of. But “almost” is as far as I go here.

The Paste Magazine coverage of this far out story cements the mad snapping turtle Eichenwald has somehow become. Authors Walker Bragman and Shane Ryan call to question whether or not he tried to silence Moran with threats and bribery. For my part Eichenwald seems more like a man bruised by his profession, maybe underappreciated or otherwise marginalized.

This is systemic when too much social media and whacky corporate skullduggery go by in one’s stream of life. Heck, I even see echoes of myself or my contemporaries in this craziness. At least I do in fairness. But then Eichenwald might be the Renfield of Dracula or the Igor in Young Frankenstein too – or maybe the altar boy of a Satanic Newsweek sanctum? All I know is, I see no good coming out of that magazine, no good at all.

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