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Newspaper With Stalin's Front-Page Photo Fetches Record Sum

Collectors fought over the May 1945 Literaturnaya Gazeta

It happened during the auction of Litfund auction house, according to Izvestia.

Two participants competed with each other for the precious old newspaper for a record 200,000 rubles (around USD$3,000). The organizers of the auction did not expect to sell the edition for more than 3,000 rubles (under USD$50).

The sale was a record for Litfund.

"We’ve never exceeded an estimate by 133 times," the fund’s incredulous head, Sergei Burmistrov, said to Izvestia.

The Head of the Art investment auction, art critic Konstantin Babulin, thinks this has nothing to do with an interest in Stalin’s personality.

“There is no such a thing as a ’cult of personality’ for collectors. They’re only interested in significant historical events. This lot generated a lot of buzz because it was dated May 10, 1945, celebrating the Victory in the Great Patriotic War,” Babulin stated, adding: “It ranges from 200,000-300,000 rubles, numbers that have no rational explanation.”

Stalin to Fund Journalist’s Pensions

The action house thinks it is no accident the lot was so successful and that it is time to sell other editions with Stalin’s portrait. It is expected that editions dedicated to the leader’s death will be in great demand, given the interest in his personality.

A spokesperson for Literaturnaya Gazeta said that they plan to save not three but ten editions from the archive, "to provide a decent future for journalists in fifty years."

Source: Izvestia
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