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NEWSFLASH: US Is Fomenting Revolution in Venezuela Because It Wants the Oil

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Why is Venezuelan President victimised and demonised by the United States, other than the Neocons in Trump’s Administration admitting unashamedly that they want to steal Venezuela’s oil?

It is a very simple issue to understand.

In a free world, I don’t like to use the much abused word democracy, it is the inalienable right of a sovereign people to self-determination. FULL STOP. Millions of Venezuelans voted for Nicolas Maduro to be their President.

It does not matter whether the United States government agrees with Maduro and his policies and the way he runs his Country, or the government of his Sovereign nation. It does not matter because six million Venezuelans elected him.

The US must leave them free as a sovereign nation, as a sovereign people to determine their own direction and their future. 21st Century American reinvigorated and revitalised imperialism has played around the world in mostly, but not only, ‘black and brown’ countries, all over this globe.

Importantly let me make my view very clear, that this is not a Trump issue per se. Trump has become a victim, wittingly or not, maybe even blackmailed by Zionists (which is what the Neocons are). It doesn’t help that his son-in-law is Kushner.

Overall it is also an issue of ordinary, working people, determining for themselves who they want to represent them and its not the high net worth individuals of the capitalist class; ‘the one percenters’. Nobody voted nor ever will, for oligarchs. 

The former bus driver Nicolas Maduro is a Socialist; I am a Capitalist. So what to either. It is called freedom of choice. The people of Venezuela have as their right their choice to self-determination; to stand against such American gangsterism. No wonder ‘the Mafia’ prospered in America for over a 100 years.

The United States is trying to overthrow a government, to again ‘regime change’ a Country. And then impose its own ‘puppet’ leader. The era of covertly overthrowing governments by military coups, from Iran to Chile to Argentina to Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Yemen to Syria et al, is over. Now these intellectual lightweights in DC openly state their intentions, and a compliant media supports it, such is these morons' arrogance.

So in Venezuela US & EU corrupt politicians and, in the main, corrupt bureaucrats and diplomats, just openly state their intentions; it is totally overt. Nevertheless never forget that it is basically the same ‘playbook’ that we have seen play out all across the globe for decades and decades.

Did America forget it was totally defeated in Indo-China?

Well the American people should ready themselves for more ‘Vietnams’ unless someone who stands for peace and who has integrity, a rare quality these days, becomes President in 2020.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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