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New US Tactic: Kill Hundreds of Civilians, Then Blame ISIS

Mission accomplished

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It's official: The United States is absolved of murdering hundreds of innocent Iraqis in Mosul. The reason? Simple: Islamic State. 

Yes, according to an interesting new string theory being peddled by our glorious media, ISIS/Qatar/ISIL/whatever literally forced the United States to bomb densely populated areas in Mosul. 

<figcaption>It really works!</figcaption>
It really works!

And even though the U.S. only uses high precision, laser-guided freedom munitions, many civilians have died. For freedom, of course. 

You think we're joking? Shame on you:

Here's the best part: It's not just the weirdos at the New York Times pushing these amazing excuses for carefree mass murder. Even Congress is in on this war-crime-excusing act:

During her questioning in the House Armed Services Committee hearing today, U.S. Representative Martha McSally (AZ-02) strongly pushed back against the implication that the U.S. Military, due to alleged relaxed Rules of Engagement (ROE), is responsible for increased civilian casualties in the fight against ISIS. With the credibility of her 26 years in the Air Force and in-depth understanding of the targeting process and ROE, she unraveled the flawed logic and put the blame where it belongs—on ISIS.

During the hearing, Rep. McSally told CENTCOM Commander General Joseph Votel that the Obama administration’s overly restrictive targeting rules actually strengthened the Islamic State, leading to more civilian deaths by these terrorists. McSally, a retired Air Force colonel and A-10 pilot, pointed out that ISIS is violating the laws of armed conflict by killing civilians and using human shields.

“ISIS knows that they can use human shields to avoid being hit. It's their air defense system,” said Rep. McSally, a former Air Force A-10 squadron commander. “If we allow more terrorists to live to fight another day because of this policy, then we are actually opening up the opportunity for more civilians to be killed by these terrorists.”

Contrary to allegations, testimony from Gen. Votel confirmed that the U.S. Military continues to operate under ROE established by the Obama Administration. Gen. Votel testified that ISIS is exploiting the United States’ sensitivity to civilian causalities and he shares Rep. McSally’s concern that additional restrictions could lead to more civilians killed by ISIS terrorists. 

Holy mother of God.

Whatever makes you sleep better at night, America. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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