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New Posts Will Halt on 'Russia Insider' and 'Truth to Power' for a Few Months, Due to Family Circumstances - We'll Stay Online as a Public Resource

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Dear Readers,

It is almost 6 years to the day that we started Russia Insider, 3 years to the day for Russian Faith, and Truth to Power began its life in April of this year. For those of you new to this family of publications, Russia Insider seeks to debunk the vast amount of disinformation about Russian current events, history, religion and culture and to educate the public about Russia with materials not widely available, Russian Faith seeks to share with Western readers the remarkable Christian renaissance underway in Russia, and Truth to Power covers general politics from a US centric perspective. I publish these sites from my hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

Over the years, our articles have been viewed hundreds of millions of times, and we were at the forefront of a massive shift in media power, inspiring many to follow paths which we first blazed. We have truly moved the needle in changing public knowledge about Russia, and much else.

In my analysis of current events and how media covers them, I became convinced that the media's, both mainstream and alternative, failure to fairly report and criticize the malignant elite Jewish influence in domestic and foreign affairs was the number one reason our nation is unable to move forward in fixing truly calamitous problems at home and abroad. Therefore I consider it my civic duty to devote considerable resources to this question in both publications. Also, in the course of my wide reading, I became convinced that 'The Holocaust' never happened, and that it is an outrageous slander against the German people, of which I am one, which cannot go unanswered. This is also heavily covered in both publications.

An urgent family situation has arisen out of the blue, literally in the last month, and it will not allow me to spend the time on these publications that I anticipated. Russian Faith will continue to publish as usual, Russia Insider and Truth to Power will remain online as a public resource, to begin publishing new articles again as soon as circumstances allow.

It is my full intention to resume new posts, however it is not possible now for me to predict how soon that might be. It could be 3,6,12 or more months. I simply do not know.

Russia Insider has a superb archive of thousands of important articles not necessarily tied to current events which provide insight into Russian history, religion, and culture. We will be posting 2-4 of these headlines per day. We are looking at doing the same at Truth to Power, which, despite its young age, also has an excellent archive.

I want to thank you again for your allegiance and support over the years. We will do everything we can over the coming months to get both publications posting new material soon.


Charles Bausman


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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