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More Detentions of Peaceful Protesters in Odessa

About 30 activists of the People’s Council of Bessarabia, including their leader Vera Shevchenko, were detained on April 16 in Odessa, reports the Timer website

This article originally appeared at Novorossia Today

Peaceful protesters were detained in the course of a rally in Starobazarnyi square, at which Vera Shevchenko called for cultural autonomy of Bessarabia in composition of Ukraine as well as to peaceful settlement of the civil conflict.

<figcaption>Peaceful protesters</figcaption>
Peaceful protesters

In 15 minutes time after the start of the rally about 30 policemen arrived to the site, who took the protesters to the local police office.

Ex-PM of Moldova Vasiliy Tarlev commented on the fact of persecution of the organization.

“Civil society and national minorities should be supported, and not repressed. Kiev must realize it. The Peoples’ Council is the grass-roots peaceful initiative”, he said.

Be reminded that after the foundation conference of the People’s Council of Bessarabia in Odessa the Security Service of Ukraine carried out a series of arrests in the city. Among others Chairman of the Presidium of the PCB  Dmitryi Zatuliveter was detained on April 7. His location is not known till the present day.  Counselor of President of Ukraine Poroshenko  Svyatoslav Tsegolko reported the detention of 10 persons who allegedly had been plotting terror acts and provocations. Besides, on April 7 the leader of close to the movement “Kulikovo Pole” organization “Golos Odessy” (“The Voice of Odessa”) were arrested.

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